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  • cmontx cmontx May 18, 2010 5:07 PM Flag

    Homeland Security Secretary

    she does look clueless, as she reads her prepared scripts. I would like to see Obama face the media without prior knowledge of the questions. He is a joke of a President. More like a 12 year old kid IMO.

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    • I think we all saw that during the healthcare debate
      well you prob didn't as FOX cut off their coverage because the prez was guttin' the "braintrust" of the GOP so bad

      I even felt sorry for 'em
      sorta like you

      • 2 Replies to mrsuerte
      • still waiting for that post. You ARE a friggin liar. You accuse in posts and can't back it up. Zero credibility.

      • Obama isn't America's enemy.
        It's people like you (mrsuete) that vote for and celebrate the success of the Anti-American left wing socialist agenda. You sir are the real enemy of the true America.
        People with conservative beliefs and strong morals molded and created the foundation of this country. Today the Obama ass kissing Liberals stand for everything opposite. Both parties are bought and paid for I admit—but damn if I will vote the socialist ticket. That is like voting your grand kids into slavery.
        If you want liberals want healthcare for everyone, go ahead and buy healthcare for all the welfare recipients down your street. If you don't want to own guns, well that fine, but don't expect me to give up mine. If you think it’s ok to support illegal’s in this country when our federal laws have always stated otherwise, you can house and pay for them. If you don't like God's name being on a coin, in a school, or in a courtroom ----well great, but we conservatives do.
        It’s not about being a Democrat or a republican----- it’s about changing the foundation that our country was built on.
        Meaux out!

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