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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Oct 27, 2011 10:10 AM Flag

    What percent of the polar ice caps have to melt before GWD's believe in global warming?


    A) 25%
    B) 50%
    C) 75%
    D) 100%

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Melting of the north polar ice cap is opening up the arctic for ocean oil exploration. Major oil companies are ramping up their exploration in the arctic ocean. Disputes over "ownership" and mineral rights are heating up.

    • I think most people now believe global warming is happening. Fewer people have confidence that there is anything significant we can do about it, and perhaps man is not the sole or major cause. Better to worry or act on problems we can deal with or mitigate. Man can spend huge dollars on global warming and make insignificant impact, while clean water, hunger etc are the real clear iminent danger. jmno

    • GWDs will never accept global warming. They are the same folks who believe the earth is only 5,000 years old, and man roamed with the dinosaurs.

    • This is another Wahlee alias and he again proves he is clueless on most all subjects.

    • snth,

      Your best bet for an answer is to look for algore and, ask him. He will be flying from city to city, while leaving the largest carbon footprint known to man.

      He might be able to consult with his papier mache models used in his BS movie.

    • Assuming there is global warming, why do you think man can make significant changes to stop it? The only "solutions" man has come up with is redistributing money from "rich" western countries to "poor" countries, redistributing money from "rich" corporations to the "poor" government, and tallying but not yet controlling "greenhouse gas" emissions. Do you know that EPA has yet to set best available control technology (BACT) for greenhouse gas pollutants? - This is because they are clueless on practicly how to control greenhouse gas emissions without financially breaking companies and forcing them to other countries (like China) who refuse to control their greenhouse gas emissions. You global warming nuts are as clueless as the Wall Street Occupiers.

    • Anthropogenic, or Maunder minimum? Former has erroneous data sets, latter correlates much better, both are unproven. Science by questionable consensus is not science. But then your post here proves you're just a tool.

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