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  • tsobie Apr 26, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    New Yield

    I expect that XOM will continue to fluctuate between $80 and $88 to keep the yield between 2.6% and 2.9%. It may be time to trade XOM in that range.

    The markets are soundly rejecting XOM's feeble attempt to use buybacks to artificially change EPS and cash in on all those vested options. Stop taking the profits that belong to ALL the shareholders and cycling them through the hands of a few insiders.

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    • At last! A posting that doesn't try to make excuses...

    • If you want to live in the past go right ahead. Looking forward and also seeing what has been going on the past five years or so that may be you're only rationale.

    • One more point about XOM --- I bought below $40/sh and have collected dividends unimpeded over the 7 year period. Now, the share price is $86/sh. So, if you do actually know how to add, even you should observe the XOM has been an excellent investment w/ a measure of safety unsurpassed in equity investing.

      Meanwhile, neo-phytes like you should be studying rather than showing people that you're inept as an investor.

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      • Like you I bought XOM long ago and couldn't be happier with that decision. I started buying shares in 1979 and have never stopped. Those earliest shares were purchased at a split adjusted value of less than $3. That makes the dividend $2.28/share representing a yield of at least 76% while the appreciation in the stock price is over 2800%.

        When this guy vilifies XOM as an investment he is doing so from either a position of total ignorance or he hates the company and wants everyone to know it.

        He harkens back to the argument that XOM pollutes, shouldn't be drilling for oil or gas because it endangers the environment. He says investing in Apple is a better way to honor the planet. How shortsighted is this? Where does he think the electricity to power the plants that make the consumer goods that Apple makes and that fuel the fleets of aircraft and trucks that deliver the products originate. Not with solar or wind or batteries.

        For my part I will continue to invest in this conservatively run company and collect my dividends until a better choice presents itself.

        Oh, and by the way, XOM has never killed anyone . If this guy wants to vilify an oil company, why not pick BP. Their track record and body count is horrendous.

      • tsobie Apr 26, 2012 9:47 PM Flag

        You may have purchased your shares at an advantageous time.

        Problem is...if you held shares of XOM at the end of 2007, the dividend and split-adjusted stock value was $86.13* (12/28/07) and today, it's $86.07. That’s not an incredible return on your investment. Now you may have traded XOM on its relative ups and downs and made lots of money but you could have done that with a Nokia or Eastman Kodak too. Trading doesn’t need a company to grow for you to make money. And, if you have to reach waaaayyyy back into a company’s history to find a success or return you can brag about…well, that’s pretty telling too. But if you wanted a growing investment, you could have done better in a bond or a CD than in XOM despite all the billions they threw around in aquisitions and buybacks. I say better because a bond or CD doesn’t have the potential to spill millions of gallons of oil over pristine nature.

        * per Yahoo historical prices on this site.

    • I have owned XOM since 2004 --- XOM has bought back billions of shares over that time frame, have increased the dividends regularly. And, the company's financials are anything but 'feeble'. Perhaps you should study investing before you run your mouth.....

    • "use buybacks to artificially change EPS"

      can you please tell us how that buybacks "artificially" change EPS ??

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