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  • walhiee12 walhiee12 May 10, 2012 11:19 AM Flag

    Regressive South


    Both ideologically and economically the South proves once again how truly regressive they are.

    Using all three metrics together — absolute income gains, relative upward mobility and relative downward mobility — the researchers determined that New York, New Jersey and Maryland performed best in the country. They were, in fact, the only three states that outperformed the country as a whole on all three measures.

    Louisiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina were the only states that performed worse than the rest of the country on all three measures.

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    • Hey dipstick Wal. Have you ever been more that 50 miles from your run down trailer in your entire life??

    • Hey WALL...don't believe ANYTHING you read, half of what you see...and get out more son...

    • WE GO Barefoot, have blue grass. and NO TEETH...but ..we have ALOT of JACK...JACK !!! Why, we have common sense UNLIKE the LIBs !!

    • but the people in those 3 states are out busy hunting , fishing,, 4 wheeling, not to mention they dont have to work like dogs,,,,,,,,,their homes are paid for just like most of texas (and texas dont pay state income taxes)

      maybe the next time you swallow what some writer says,,,,,you ask yourself 'is she writing a story just to sell me a newspaper or does she have an advertising trying to spam me?--incase you didnt know YOU ARE THE PRODUCT not that story

    • wahlee, I appreciate your comments, but do you really believe that NY, NJ, and Maryland actually produce anything that America needs? I believe that NJ and NY should merge, thereby eliminating 2 Senators.

    • Could be like a progressive state and do better, right? Like California, Michigan, Illinois....

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      • The South has had an exaggerated since of individualism for many years and has consistently spurned opportunities to develop public goods/services because of this. A public good/service is something that private enterprise will not supply because the gain from supplying it cannot be captured by the supplier of the product, so no matter how high the gain to other business, the economy, and society from the provision of a public good/service, private enterprise will not invest in it and will not provide it.

        Why does the South have such hostility to things that require government? Probably it goes back to slavery. Slaveholders ran the South as their own feudal kingdom and did not want government intruding on their powers. They monopolized most opportunities in their primitive economy and their power kept out the power of outside capitalists who would have demanded that government provide public goods so they could prosper - financial and commercial services were provided from afar by New York, Boston, Liverpool or London as doing so in the South made no sense given its poor stock of the necessary human capital. Over time poor policy is sanctified by tradition and just keeps being practiced...

        Of course California and Illinois are quite a bit richer than the South, even Texas with its oil averaged in, and have higher stats for high school graduates per capita, higher numbers of college educated people per capita, higher private wealth, higher household income, and of course higher education spending...

    • In La. and Ok, jobs are booming. We are hiring all the Rightwing Oilfield guys we can right now. Liberals need not apply.

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      • It's amazing with all that oil wealth averaged in the region still fails to measure up when matched against the Northeast or California. 200 billion barrels worth of oil profit over nearly a century, and still it is backward and relatively poor. Perhaps they should think about some windfall profit taxes to capture some of the profits for useful things like education. I know, I know, the oil companies must take priority. The Texas legislature probably has all the oil barons on speed-dial ready to asking their advice on each bill - they must know their masters don't want to be bothered, so the calls are probably few at this point.

    • The South does have uniquely low levels of primary, secondary, and higher education spending, less human capital per person compared to national averaged and other areas, low levels of income and wealth, and higher poverty. It is a Tea Party paradise and populated by many religious fanatics but stands up poorly against more advanced areas of the country.

      Thankfully there will be no President elected from these parts this time around.

      Some more facts to round out the picture:
      time frame 2006-2010

      Lower South States
      {South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas}

      Lower South human capital
      high school attainment 25+ age group: 82.5%
      4 yr college+ attainment 25+ age group: 24.7%

      Lower South income & poverty
      poverty rate: 16.1%
      median household income: $46,448


      Mid-Atlantic & New England states
      {Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine}

      Mid-Atlantic & New England, human capital
      high school attainment 25+ age group: 86.7%
      4 yr college+ attainment 25+ age group: 32.4%

      Mid-Atlantic & New England, income & poverty
      poverty rate: 11.5%
      median household income: $59,754

    • You left out the "Happy" matrix.........

      I know, I know. That does not matter to people who live in a constant state of depression and, delusion.

      Why do you think all those "rich" folks go South to vacation and {{{*relax*}}}?

    • You left out "Genetically"...

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