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  • greedful_thing_s greedful_thing_s Nov 17, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    Challenge for the W Fans


    Name a single time that government borrowing, either accompanied by private sector borrowing or by itself, actually produced an economic recovery that did not end in recession/depression. The easiest way to identify such a policy is a rising debt/gdp ratio...

    You will find no such example in history

    The Bush years and the collapse that followed certainly offer no support. The recession that followed the election of Bush and the kickoff of his policies doesn't help either.

    The Reagan years fail to meet it, too, as they ended in a real estate crash and recession. They also began with a depression that followed the Tax Cut and onset of the leveraging process.

    The scheme was tried again during World War I and after World War I and ended in the Great Depression

    World War II does not offer much support either: it ended in a recession in the U.S. and nearly 60% drop in economic output in Europe when it was over. The war was financed through massive taxation, however, which did help retard speculation and the severity of the recession which followed the war.

    You can troll the annals of the 19th century and will find no support either...just one sorry tale of bubble run up by borrowing to finance war, most typically with unchecked speculation to by war profiteers and "businessmen", then a bust wiping out whatever was gained by the borrowing and speculation.


    On such a pathetic pillar rests the W strategy and the GOP's signature economic policy

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    • Pray tell, what is the signature of the Democrat Congress? Try not forget that the president does NOT initiate spending bills. This recession belongs to pelosi and reid.

      For the healthcare/NOT law, the next recession will belong to the 535 wimps in Congress who did not read or understand the original bill, along with those members who sold their vote and with it their public trust. You can also credit the Supreme Court led by john roberts.

      Finally, you can credit the millions of "takers" who are enabled by the Democrats and, our brain-dead press. Together, they now have the key to our national treasury. How much failure will you stand for?

      No, I am not crazy. I have read Saul Alinski and, I know what he advocates. Do you? Or, do you even care?

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