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  • mrsuerte mrsuerte Jan 2, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    Where are the jobs?

    so what do you suggest "greedy" ??
    Another PHONY war to overthrow daddys' nemesis ?? A tax cut to pay for your PHONY war ??
    how about largest expansion of govt employees since FDR all employed by TSA??
    how about FREE prescription drugs for medicare WITH NO negotiations for pricing
    how about bailing out AIG/Bear Stearns-Merrill/
    how about making the USPS sponsor Lance Armstrongs bicycle team for a few million

    how about putting your head back up in your bung where you normally insert it
    it won't smell any worse than the gop stench of john boehners and the teabags dirty diapers--what a cowardly 4 year display of huff-puff-and stink the drawers

    no wonder someone like you admires a paul ryan and sarah palin--ignorant filth

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