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    Compliance with Missouri's Renewable Energy Standard

    Compliance with Missouri's Renewable Energy Standard

    Missouri utilities are blatantly disregarding the state’s renewable energy requirement. So Renew Missouri and our partners across the state have filed legal action to require compliance with the law.

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    In 2008, two-thirds of Missouri voters demanded that investor-owned utilities increase their use of renewable energy. This was the highest passage margin of any statewide renewable energy initiative ever.
    Last year, utilities were required to demonstrate that 2% of their energy came from renewable sources. However, utilities have built virtually no new renewable energy; instead, they have sought to confuse the intent of the law through their influence in Jefferson City.

    How are they out of compliance?

    1. Roll-Over Energy:
    Utilities claim they can comply by using "old renewable energy" created at a time when the law wasn’t even in effect.
    This is like trying to roll over cell phone minutes from a time before you even had the phone.

    2. Old Hydro-Electric Plants:
    Utilities are trying to use large, century-old hydroelectric facilities, even though the law explicitly forbids the use of these large hydro facilities.

    3. We Demand Power, Not Credits:
    The Missouri renewable energy law was passed to bring Missouri new, cleaner sources of energy and create jobs here at home.
    Instead, IOUs are wasting our money on “renewable credits” from far-away states that deliver no electricity to Missouri. This means that Missouri sees no new jobs and no change in how we get our energy, while out-of-state energy producers see larger profits.

    We need to invest in Missouri's economy and create local jobs!
    Missouri gets roughly 85% of our energy from Wyoming coal, sending $1.3 billion out of our state every year.
    If we instead invested in clean energy back home, we would keep some of that money in our local economies and create thousands of jobs, giving us cleaner air and healthier people in the process.

    Help us deliver 21st century jobs and clean energy to Missouri by signing on to this petition that asks the Public Service Commission to do THEIR job and FORCE utilities to follow the law.

    Supporting Organizations

    The following groups have signed on to our complaint and are aligned in efforts to require utilities to follow the law.


    RES Complaint News

    January 31, 2013

    Post-Dispatch: Complaint says Ameren is circumventing green power law

    January 30, 2013

    Renew Missouri Press Release: Advocates Take Legal Action Against Non-Compliant Missouri Electric Utilities

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