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  • hansesteelyard hansesteelyard Feb 10, 2013 9:00 AM Flag

    The left on the run in Europe....


    Germany and the UK have broken the French demands for more spending, provoking the outburst: "the problem with Europe is that there are others involved," a resigned Hollande told reporters after all-night talks secured a deal on EU funding from 2014-2020...

    Germany and the UK will move ahead with gas drilling defying the left and the French who still refuse...

    Germany is moving into the role of arms supplier for Saudi Arabia supplying panzers, armored personnel carriers, light armor, and now billions of dollar worth of patrol boats.

    Southern Europe is being instructed in discipline, German style, as they are forced to reform their enormously bloated banking system - one designed to funnel money to the lower classes to buy houses and run up credit cards, and enormously bloated government - one designed to funnel money to the lower classes in welfare.

    The leftist cause is dying a pathetic death in China too as the Chinese elite, now effectively educated in western notions of avarice and reinforced by a school system Hegel himself could not have improved on, own their country now and are investing their growing fortunes abroad as well...


    The US maintains an elitist in the White House, too, one spends most of his time vacationing or trying to copy Europe. He's confused and amateurish but perhaps that is what it takes to get elected in such a party as he comes from...

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    • Obama is a wannabe royal .... he resembles the token black man in an Abercrombie and Fitch fashion spread. sorta good looking (for a black man that is) and semi-articulate and apes the fashion and attitudes of the blue bloods ... he is the product of Affirmative Action, he is a BS artist, and a demagogue. He is a wannabe JFK or FDR ... he is dangerous. In history books it will be written that he found a way to deliver the non-white vote - that is his legacy. Obama is not a statesman. He is not an eloquent speaker - this is one of many myths surrounding Mr Obama. He is ultimately a lightweight and a charlatan.

    • Amazing how you can see an elitist and a leftist in the same person but you seem to have no problem in doing that. You facts on Europe need to be taken in the context of who they are. When Obama and the Demo Stemmed the eco over here Europe choose to go the route of cuts and raising taxes. Our eco turned around faster and much better than did the more conservative approach. Starting las summer the EU nations including the UK which is by the most conservative started stemming their eco more having seen that the US style has Worked better. Now what to you want political position of results?
      The fact is clear stemming the eco has given the US Eco much better results than has the EU style and they GET IT. You however seem to not be able to see past your politics.

      If it makes the eco better it makes us all better simple as that. A LT approch (20yrs) that does not hurt the stemming and thus growth of the eco with very aimed and modest cuts with tweaked tax increases also modest and revamping SS and medicare to index the richest 5% out of the system will give us a growing eco which will give the upper 5% back a lot more in profits than what they lose in SS and medicare or even the higher new tax bracket of 40% for the top tier.

      Sanity is watching and making sure the eco grows and planning debt managment within that growth.
      You do drastic cuts you will XOM back down in the 60's and huge stock market losses for ALL.
      You may inflect some harm to those on wellfare if that is your goal but you will hurt yourself far more.
      The poor are used to being poor are you?

    • People in america have a big surprise coming. Starvation and homeless. U would think these dumb #$%$ americans would wake up.

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