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  • hansesteelyard hansesteelyard Feb 23, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    Who is to blame for American backwardness in Energy? - Reagan & GWB


    Reagan pushed through policies to cancel most of the U.S. government's subsidies for advanced energy technologies after he was elected in 1980. His low tax policies on fuel and his weak environmental agenda allowed the oil, gas, and coal industry to prosper, and the US auto industry to pursue low tech inefficient vehicles to meet American consumer fads. The free market in American glutted itself on cheap energy for a time, at the expense of long run sustainability of prices and enormous environmental damage, damage which has manifested itself in higher American healthcare costs. Low investments, and poor or no coordination of education at the US Federal level, undermined America's scientific and technological ability, and the military buildups Reagan and GWB pursued diverted the resource into largely useless applications. The money squandered on the US military generated nothing either except death, waste, and more burdens for US tax payers in Veterans benefits. For 6 out of 8 of Clinton's years the GOP set the agenda through its control of the US Congress and carried the torch of backwardness and ignorance forward, picking up where Reagan left off. America fell further and further behind.

    The Reagan and W's free market policies reigned supreme and failed miserably - except to enrich the fossil fuel lobby. In the meantime Europe, and in particular Germany, pursued a systematic government coordinated effort to improve energy efficiency and develop the scientific and technological base to move away from fossil fuels. The lesson of the oil prices of the 1970s was learned and acted on. When GOP obstruction is removed with their removal from office the technologies will be deployed en masse in the USA thanks to free trade between Europe and the USA... The USA will profit from that and Europe will profit too.

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    • Stanley Meyer was poisoned during the Clinton Administration. You need a high powered microscope to discern the differences in the two parties (really one) when it comes to the oil barons for the last one hundred years.

    • I had a Chevrolet Geo that got 40 miles to the gallon in the 80's. I also remember paying 58 cents a gallon for gas. I think Reagan did a good job with energy. I'd rather buy a Bush era car that gets 35 mpg than an obama era electric car (chevy volt) that catches on fire. Oh yeah remeber solyndra who obama sank many millions into which went bankrupt? Quit boring us with your leftist talking points.

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      • Rahm Emanuel enjoyed almost two years rent free in Southern California in a home owned by British Petroleum. Obama behaved exactly the same way Bush would have in blacking out out media access and covering up the gulf oil gusher that is still seeping oil at an unacceptable rate. Check the campaign donations for both parties and see that 65% of US Senators and 80% of House members get relected if they raise more money than their opponents. The vast majority of the time the DC harlots in both parties are blowing the same corporate johns.

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