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  • bluecheese4u bluecheese4u Mar 22, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Dem amendment would block regulations on power plant emissions

    Calling proposed power plant emissions standards unattainable, Sen. Joe Manchin is seeking to block their enactment with language in the federal budget resolution now under consideration in the upper chamber.

    The West Virginia Democrat’s amendment takes aim at pending regulations that would set limits on carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants, which critics say would effectively prohibit new coal-fired plants and damage the economies of several states.
    The measure is among a flood of hundreds of budget amendments being voted on Friday. Republicans introduced the vast majority of the measures, eight of which target federal regulations.

    Manchin is part of a group of coal-country Democrats that has pressed for changes to the New Source Performance Standard, unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency a year ago.

    Under the proposed rules, new power plants that burn fossil fuels could release no more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt‐hour.

    While new natural-gas plants could to meet the standard without additional technology, new coal plants would need to add updated technology to capture and store emissions.

    “The new regulations attempt to force standards on coal emissions that would not only be incredibly expensive, but impossible to achieve even with advanced technology,” Manchin said in a statement issued Friday.

    He argued that the regulations, part of the Obama administration’s effort to counter the effects of climate change, would not have a tangible benefit.

    “After all, experts agree that emissions from all U.S. power plants have only a marginal impact on global emissions, and this already small share is shrinking every year, as China, India, and others dramatically scale up their fossil fuel use," Manchin said.

    If adopted into law, the amendment would block funding to implement the regulations.


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    • A temporary delay to the proposed power plant emissions standards may be appropriate as I expect inexpensive clean coal technology will become available by the late summer of 2014. I'm assuming it'll be such an inexpensive option that utilities will commence switching from expensive dirtier natural gas to the new clean coal technology as quickly as it becomes available.


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      • Big piece of Estevan clean coal project moves into place at Boundary

        January 30, 2013

        By Norm Park
        Some of the biggest ductworks you're ever going to see crawled across southeastern Saskatchewan side roads last week on their way to Boundary Dam Power Station. Power wires needed to be lifted along the delivery routes as the slow moving semi-trailers carrying the multi-tonned equipment moved across the snow-drifted prairies.

        The three duct monsters fabricated by SaskArc Industries Inc. of Oxbow consisted of the main duct for flue gas casing, along with the inlet and outlet pieces. The casing was put into place in the early part of the week after arriving on Monday. The 90-ton unit required two 150-ton cranes to lift it into place. The duct work inlet and outlet followed in mid-week.

        Steve Lodge, an engineer contracted by Stantec and seconded to SaskPower for the installation, said the work had to be planned around weather conditions since they were unable to move the huge pieces after winds reached certain velocities which was the case for several hours last Wednesday and Thursday.

        Lodge said there was a design side and power side to the project and he was involved on the SaskPower side of the equation.

        “The duct work sits adjacent to the stripper tower. It brings the flue gas temperature down to required values so that it can be entered into the stripper operation,” he said.

        "Flue gas comes out of the back of the plant (Unit No. 3) and some of the steam goes to the cooler and it knocks the temperature down about 100 degrees F so the material will be compatible with the stripper media. Then the heat is reclaimed and will be used for other purposes,” Lodge added.


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