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  • susiesweatsocks susiesweatsocks May 10, 2013 3:20 AM Flag

    atmospehric voltaic cells will replace fossil fuels.

    It is only a matter of time before multiple arrays are invented to collect the kinetic energy in the atmospheric air particles. The average speed of the oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere is 1000 feet per second or 700 miles per hour. I have little doubt that panels will be developed to convert this kinetic energy into electrical energy just like the solar panel was developed to collect to kinetic energy in the photons of light. So get going inventors. We now have multiple solar panel designs. So have at it. This is like the race to develop the electric light bulb from current. The electricity will be stored as hydrogen and this will fulfill the hydrogen economy. There will be hydrogen cars, trucks, buses, lawn mowers, boats, jets, motocycles, mopeds, and so on.

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    • i just checked the patent office and there is not yet a worthy patent. i do see that some person tried to do a patent but it is no good because it is trying to patent the concept, which is not a patent. yes, maybe GE's people will figure this one out. i have had the idea of the kinetic energy being harvested but had not thought of atmospheric votaic cells.

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