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  • hansesteelyard hansesteelyard May 12, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    The Land of the Uneducated


    Reagan’s Sec. of Education (William Bennett) has just concluded that University is a waste of time and money – at least for most Americans who attend (2/3rd seems to be his figure).

    The Republican Party draws its support from areas of the USA with the lowest rate of University attendance, the lowest worker productivity, and lowest income so this is not surprising. Fossil fuels & other high polluting industries, cigarette mfg, gun sports, a militaristic lifestyle, and religion are the defining characteristics of the Republican “heartland” of America. To the extent they value education they value American "science" (free market dogma): “Business” schools and accountancy or more lawyers. Things that really cost money like the education real scientists is of course not fitting with the ideology. The "Business" ideology merges with the dogma of "market knows best" and becomes a truism to them.

    The fact is “market” does not know best. This has been proven through mathematical game theory by people such as Nash and von Neumann and in practice by governments across Europe.

    The solution to the problem Bennett points out is state control of education and planning such as Germany has been doing for quite some time now. That works much better. University is certainly not the problem. Republican ideology is the problem.

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