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  • hansesteelyard hansesteelyard Jul 14, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

    Law & Order & FDI


    The Zimmerman verdict is a good indication that the white population of the South has steel in its spine, especially the ladies. Of course a strong man like Zimmerman has the right and duty to defend them with his strength in what way he knows how. This chivalrous principle was affirmed.

    So the trip to Hamburg to start buying houses is canceled.
    We go to Charleston a couple weeks sooner.

    Tomorrow I will buy $ to 12.5% allocation and put it in US t-bills. That money came out of the US anyway last week, from my Greenwich inheritance, and it shall go back to it, although not into the culturally Marxist Northern US – a label justly earned and affirmed by Obama’s recent policies. His outrageous conduct toward the EU and lying about it Merkel, is just another example of his character and motives. I think he's hostile to Germany and the EU (the German EU President called his behavior the act of an enemy) because we are white, and Germany is right-wing. That is the same reason he went after your "Tea Party"

    Theme: the Elf Kingdom of Germany, a land of purity, whiteness and science, will provide the technology to build a Solar Kingdom in the Southern United States. It’s just a fact the South gets more sun than Germany so our technology will work even better there. The South will become purer and much richer.

    As for the board,,,

    At best we have one black supremacist here and he’s probably living in a box now and unable to even speak. That’s very boring. The oil runts are few and barely speak.

    So in fall I will return, probably…

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