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  • hansesteelyard hansesteelyard Nov 24, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    5 + 1 (Germany) defeats the warmongers


    The US is now on a track to normalization of relations with Iran, a direct reversal of the path the warmongers would prefer.

    This is very bad for Exxon Mobil as the Iranian oil, and expectations of its arrival in the months ahead, will cause oil prices to drop quite substantially.

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    • They're not "warmongers" - they understand what it's like to have a rattlesnake in your backyard.

      The Iranian Mullahs will cheat and lie out of this like they always do (or they already have enough material for several nukes).

      You, my friend, are simply too naive & gullible to understand this. Just like Neville Chamberlain.

      Oh, wait... low-information voters like you don't know one iota of history either.

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      • well if you want to attack--how is this still not an option??
        go back 10 years--Iran wanted to talk/the w said no--big tough guy--show them whose boss/now they have 100 times the centrifuge
        possibly could have frozen 200 centrifuge--now there are 20,000 to deal with so how is USA ahead
        30 years of bs--and what to show for it
        want to inspect nuclear facilities--that is part of deal
        want to inspect Israel nuclear facilities--when does that start??
        want to audit the pentagon--when does that start
        tyrone you wanna sign up/spill your blood or your childs??--no you just wanna listen to fox news
        you wanna pay for another "war"??--remember the w cut taxes to pay for that last lie
        and now people like you talk about debt
        I D I O T

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