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  • nextjobplease nextjobplease Jan 24, 1999 9:42 PM Flag

    ignore it newtomob

    Some (little) people seem to get a kick out of
    saying/posting "naughty" things. My kids certainly did when they
    were 5-10 or so. Don't get started with a lot of these
    clowns, as that just tends to keep them going. Ignoring
    them completely usually gets them to take their toys

    Otherwise, how have you been ? Any recent thoughts on making
    the transition to the double X ?

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    • Good luck with that jury summons intheblack -
      maybe you will be lucky like me and get a civil trial
      not involving $$ or cops, but child custody and can
      spend 2 weeks listening to stories of shaken babies,
      bruised infants, and alleged molestations - I even got to
      be the foreman - wishing you the same opportunity to
      do your civic duty..........

    • Well, it took you over a week to come up with an
      example of wrong-way justice -- I guess you are swift in
      the head department, after all. My rebuttal is simply
      ... OJ.

      But I am STILL waiting for that
      "punishment" that you stated the Senate is going to heap upon
      ole Bill. Every day, ole Bill is getting closer and
      closer to getting off as free as a lark. When is this
      punishment going to occur -- in my life time? Why at this
      rate, Hillary might be elected senator from N.Y in time
      to vote on ole Bill's punishment -- now that would
      be a hoot!

      And as twisted as you want to
      re-word things, my original statement addressed the
      question potential jurors are ask: "would you give more
      credibility to a police officer than to the defendant?" Your
      example had nothing to do with a police officer being on
      the stand and under oath -- something ole Bill
      certainly took lightly. And the GOOD cops and GOOD
      prosecutors would also love for me to be on a jury, but the
      other side always "strikes" first.

      BTW, I have a
      jury summons for 22FEB ... I'll raise my hand for each
      of the three juror questions in my original note.
      Your liberal mindset just can't stand to believe that
      a person can truly believe in a higher legal (and
      moral) standard than do you.

      Make yourself
      valuable ... go find your new employer a bottled water
      well ... it's worth more than a barrel of oil

    • Try as I can, try as I might, I just can't get the damn punctuation right...regards!

    • Your straying again. Only 1 punctuation error.

    • Death Row inmate (16 years behind bars) released
      in Chicago after witness admits he was pressured by
      police implicate the poor guy and someone else
      confessed. You need to stay off our juries with your
      attitude of cop is always good, accused is always bad. Bad
      cops and prosecutors would love your kind - one who
      blindly accepts what the good guys want you to believe.
      Another example of why one must go into a trial
      open-minded. The jury probably came up with the right decision
      based on what was presented them, but it goes to show
      what can go wrong if police go overboard.

    • Big fat manuals describing systems, procedures,
      and accountability that nobody reads, except those
      unfortunates chosen to put them together and the ones who have
      to approve them. I think the OIMS manual for
      defecation on company property is the shortest at about 80
      pages. I guess "on company property" is ambiguous. I
      haven't bothered to read that particular manual, but I
      bet 5 pages are dedicated to defining company

    • Does Exxon rely principally on 4 year degreed
      professionals in EH&S or do you make use of Environmental and
      Safety techs (without 4 year degrees or non-engineering
      degreed) to assist the professionals?

    • Help a poor Mobil boy out.

    • Yes, OIMS still survives, but in name only. With
      the tremendous staff reduction that Double cross has
      endured, the OIMS requiremens are impossible to comply
      with. OIMS adds tremendous cost to every project and is
      bypassed as a result. To Exxons credit it was a great
      dream but most of us have now awaken and understand
      that this is the CYA tool for management to say that
      the policies are there and of course they did not
      know they were not being followed.
      The major
      problem with OIMS is that is was written by mangement,
      and as may be the case with most large corporations
      and governemtn bodies, they are completely out of
      touch with the real world. The best thing that could
      happen to OIMS is a very large dose of reality.

    • One of the unwritten and obvious benefits of OIMS
      is to isolate blame for anything that goes wrong.
      I'm not saying that's good or bad, but it does
      provide a mechanism for management to claim innocence if
      a procedure is not followed by lower life level.

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