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  • Cruxader Cruxader Jan 31, 1999 10:47 AM Flag

    ignore it newtomob

    Bill Clinton may have done a few nice things for
    the country in the past 6 years. But the greatness of
    USA does not depend on having any specific person as
    president. A good president should put the interest of the
    country ahead of his/hers personal interest. When Clinton
    refuses to resign after he was caught lying in Grand Jury
    as well as lying in front of the whole world on TV,
    he DIVIDED the country and forced people to choose
    either for him or against him. A good leader is supposed
    to unite the country instead of dividing the
    country. It clearly shows that Clinton values his oval
    office much more than the interest of the country.
    Recently Clinton behaves like Santa again by giving away
    $BB to various interest groups with our tax $
    (certainly not his $) without addressign the root causes of
    these problems, just to show that he "feels your pain"
    and the maintain high rating in poll. If Ameican
    people can be fooled by Clinton's charm and disregard
    his lying so easily, then American people deserve a
    selfish crook like Clinton as prsident and the negative
    consequence of accepting his lying.

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