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  • spook971 spook971 Sep 29, 1999 6:25 PM Flag

    At current prices of oil, profits are

    going to be explosive. XON is making a killing
    along with the other oil producers. I am not trying to
    promote the stock but based upon simple math you can see
    how the whole sector will be rebounding when this Qs
    earnings reports come out. If you like XON, you should
    check out ROIL. I am not recommending it but just look
    at it's numbers. It looks to me like it also has a
    lot of upside. I am no expert, nor a broker but I
    like oil and gas and I am an investor.

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    • The chain yanking idea was certainly on my mind
      then (and came up again just the last day or two). I
      can't say for sure, but it's very much the easier
      answer to believe. Even I don't usually think XON
      management is that confused.

      As far as wailing and
      crying, there definitely was none on my part - instead
      I'd have to describe it as about the happiest day of
      my working life. That was almost exactly canceled
      out by the news of the XON-MOB merger, which was
      pretty much the worst. As far as anyone else wailing and
      crying when I left, I really don't think I ever
      suggested that there was any, did I ? I've just been
      sharing my experiences and observations during my time
      with each company.

      Good luck to you (and
      everyone else caught up in this) in the days ahead. In any
      case, I can second (third, fourth, whatever) many other
      posts on this (and MOB's) board - there is life after
      both XON and MOB.

    • I'm familiar with the situation being mentioned.

      To agree with xXONxMOB, I think that someone must've
      been yanking your chain. The power of the dark side
      (management) is strong. If you cannot be lured to the dark
      side, then you must be destroyed. Feel the power of the
      dark side, Luke!

      To agree with Spidey, I think
      that your perspective on how this all played out is
      different from at least some of your peers. Like most
      departures from Exxon, there wasn't much wailing and crying
      when you left. Life goes on.

    • raise you my own dumstuck disbelief. The offer I
      mentioned in my 2 previous posts did not occur particularly
      early in my career. Indeed, after seeing what XON
      managers did for a life, I was checking the "technical"
      career box on my PDR's from day one. I had never shown
      any interest in the "dark side", and (if you do know
      who I am - and I think you do - then you'll agree
      that) everyone who knew me knew that. However, the
      offer did come, and was very plain in that they were
      not asking me about a technical position. They made
      that very clear and concise - that was what was
      offered, nothing else. No one could have been surprised
      than I. In fact, to this day I cannot really believe
      they were serious. Perhaps they just wanted to see if
      my usual attitude was a posture, and whether I would
      "sell out" given the chance. I do not know. Only they
      do, and again you could ask those involved if you
      really cared to find out (they are still there, the last
      I knew). In any case, I did say no thanks, not for

      Your attitude leaves me somewhat confused
      though. Do you claim to know every conversation I had
      with management during my career ? Do you think that
      all very good people do well at XON ? That would
      imply the R&R system really works. I doubt you mean to
      seriously suggest that. No good people leave ? That implies
      that every good person likes the XON way. I would
      truly hope you don't actually mean that either. What
      about you ? Are you defending the XON way because it's
      recognized (and rewarded) your "talents" ? Step up to the

      As far "No longer at Exxon. No longer at Mobil"
      goes, I told the story of how I left XON. Things at MOB
      were going very well for me - I liked it a lot, the
      people, the company, the system. I resigned my position
      at MOB earlier this year because it looked like the
      merger was a sure thing, and my previous tour of duty
      has already convinced me I wanted nothing to do with
      a re-enlistment at XON. The VP's calling me to try
      to talk me out of leaving ? That was a different
      story. Nuff said ?

    • If the price of oil should go up any more we'll all be bankrupt.

    • Most of the oil company stock prices have dropped
      over the past month. Exxon's stock price looks to be
      driven by external forces not management decisions. The
      Exxon and Mobil swings are just more pronounced because
      of the FTC's lack of action.

    • I've been at Exxon for years. I am not naive
      about how Exxon's systems work. I agree that turning
      down an offer to be management is career

      xXONxMOB commented that s/he had been asked to pursue the
      management ladder when s/he was at Exxon. Based on prior
      posts, xXONxMOB's identity is known to many at his
      former Exxon location. I was challenging her/his
      assertion that this had happened. His/her ego has trouble
      fitting through a 56K connection to the Internet. If s/he
      were as good as s/he lets on, s/he would still be at
      Exxon, pulling down lots of bucks and getting all of the
      big promotions. No longer at Exxon. No longer at
      Mobil. As Spider Man said, 'nuff said.

    • If you have what XON wants as a manager, they ask
      you to be "one with them". If you turn it down, you
      have offended the EXXON altar and are normally
      considered diseased - leprosy is the term that is

      That's the way it is. Not just from my own experiences,
      either. perhaps you might consider allowing those who
      have had a bit more experience in the EXXON system to
      have their say. Most people who have been at EXXON for
      years have seen several transitions. During those
      transitions, much jockeying in the relentless
      beast-performance appraisal system occurred. To state that
      someone's experience is not valid simply because it doesn't
      match your own inclinations (perhaps naive?) is simply
      not too credible.

    • JMB1947....You are absolute right. That's why I said the house in River Oaks area starts at $1MM, for a tear down old house and goes up from there.

    • Way back when (long before the working by myself
      phase you recall) I was asked and highly encouraged to
      go the management route. Now, I'm not
      anti-management (for myself) by nature, but I got to see what
      being a manager meant by getting to know a good number
      of those I worked for and others who were at the
      same location. None of them had anything I was
      particularly interested in, and most of them spent most of
      their time doing things that I was absolutely
      un-interested in. So I emphatically turned it down. Not for me.
      This is not to necessarily impugn management as a
      general choice - just XON's version of it.

      they (my XON managers) thought I had potential to be
      an XON manager, but I said no. Then I got to see how
      well they treated the technical side. How managers
      could dictate what the correct technical decision was -
      based upon wholly political decisions. I refused to
      play that game, and was finally told that my input was
      no longer necessary nor desired. So I did my own
      thing for a few years - attempting to solve those
      problems (which management had already decided were
      solved) by myself. Initially it was their choice - I was
      told I was no longer welcome in any technical meetings
      involving other sites. Curiously, the attendees from those
      other sites would always stop by to ask why I wasn't

      Later I decided I really wasn't
      interested in attending any of their fun fests, so I stopped
      going to anything. Around that time they started asking
      me to start attending most everything(?). But it had
      gotten too far, the disgust level was too high, and they
      sure weren't going to budge, not XON managers who are
      forbidden by their culture from ever admitting they could
      have done something wrong.

      In the end they
      fired me 7 days before I was going to quit. So my
      fiend, that's the short version. There are still those
      around who could tell you the details if you really
      cared to find them out, but that's up to you. The part
      about the request to take the management track is,
      however, quite true.

    • Well spoken, sir! You speak for many of us.

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