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  • kai_oil kai_oil Oct 12, 1999 9:40 AM Flag

    Vacation Entitlements

    I have worked for Mobil for 14 plus years,
    however I had a seven year separation of service and then
    returned to Mobil.
    At Mobil, they count all years of
    service toward vacation entitlements.
    What is EXXON's
    stand on vacations? Do they count all years of service?
    Or do they count only from the most recent hire
    Anybody wish to enlighten me?
    I am hoping to get a
    real answer...nothing about inclusion or diversity,
    group hugs, or the rest of the B.S. that comes from a
    select few..........

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    • I heard something that should give the Transition
      Team members something to think about. Seems that if
      the FTC disallows the mergerthe members of the
      Transition Team established by Exxon and Mobil cannot be
      allowed to return to their home organizations. The
      detailed knowledge of each other's strategic plans and
      business practices gained by the group could not be
      expunged and would, therefore, violate Federal Laws on
      Information Brokering and Anti-trust. However, so as not to
      unfairly penalize the Transition Team, its members will be
      allowed to form a new corporation whose initial holdings
      will be those assets that were to be divested as a
      result of the proposed merger.

      On the other
      hand, since both XON & MOB have been getting along
      without them are they really needed post merger?

    • You are unbelievable. Now, under the name of real
      christian values, you attack the Catholic Church? What is
      your problem? Do you like being a lighting rod? I
      almost supported some of your earlier battles with the
      atheistic jerks on this board, but your on your own now. Go
      find some place else to spread your hate

    • MM is Roman numerals for two thousand - as in
      1869 in Arabic numerals equals MDCCCLIX in Roman. And
      this was created long before the history of Christ. Oh
      and by the way, the Roman Catholic church did not
      exist then. I suggest your christian values are out of
      line. True christians show tolerance of others,
      regardless of belief.

    • Is it time to bait the board again?
      I hope you
      are under estimating these folks,.....Hint...try a
      different tack..wanna get a response? Don't follow
      original, talk about stock, exxon, mobil or another
      HONK-A! HONK-A!

    • for anything must be loyal catholics who support what the Romans did to Jesus.

      Is the Pope much different from a Ceasar of olden times?

    • <EOM>

    • $MM or $M,
      MMCF or MCF,
      BCF or GCF,
      or KBD.

      Who cares? For the Mobil people, get
      over it and put your
      mind on issues of substance -
      becoming the best damn oil
      company a shareholder or
      employee or neighbor could be associated with.
      I think
      us Mobil folks have been the AVIS type
      for so long, we've got to mentally gear up to be

    • From Webster's dictionary
      (unabbreviated/unabridged compared to MS Encarta), M can mean
      mega (as in MBytes)

      aside from many other (non numeric) meanings

      sum, use of M is almost as uncertain as the date of
      the XOM merger (another M?)

    • I can honestly say I learned something on this
      board. M - Million, and K = Thousand.

      In the
      world according to MS Encarta, the abbreviations are as

      Mega- (M), a prefix meaning 1 million (106). In
      computing, which is based on the binary (base-2) numbering
      system, mega- has a literal value of 1,048,576, which is
      the power of 2 (220) closest to one

      Kilo-, (K) a prefix meaning 1000 in the metric system.
      In computing terminology, because computing is based
      on powers of 2, kilo- is most often used to mean
      1024 (210). To distinguish between the two contexts, a
      lowercase k is often used to indicate 1000, an uppercase K
      for 1024. For example, kHz means 1000 hertz, but K or
      KB means 1024 bytes

    • Don't know what XON's standards are, but MOB's
      are to be in the top quartile, i.e. #1 or #2 in
      shareholder return, ROCE, etc. Number 4 would be embarassing.
      Management ought to fire us all if we can't beat RD and CHV.
      BPA may will be a tough competitor.

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