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  • eternal712002 eternal712002 Mar 27, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    Preliminary Injunction likely soon...

    While this is not the final remedy, any hint of a likelihood in the near term will create a cataclysmic sell off. Selling the balance of my shares at these levels. It's also possible Velti will file a counter-claim.....

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    • It’s confounding that the posters on this board are already judging Velti guilty before a trial has even occurred. There is no imminent injunction – as no trial date has been set – and a judge is not going to order an injunction without giving Velti a fair day in court to defend themselves.

      They way I see it, Velti has several options. First I think they will challenge the validity of the patents with the USPTO by filing a reexamination request. Or Velti could settle by agreeing to a license arrangement, which would remove an overhang on the stock, and would likely add a couple bucks to VELT pps if a settlement is announced. Velti could file a counter claim. The burden of proof is with Augme – and so far I have not seen any trial resulting in a successful infringement ruling for or against Augme. Read their press release from 2/14/12 – there is a key sentence – “The Court held that Augme could not prove literal infringement under that Court's claim construction ruling previously issued.”

      For 2012, Velti is projecting revenue of $295 Million and Augme is projecting $16 Mil. You tell me who has the more successful platform.

    • No chance for an injunction.This whole high tech area is so complex it will be years before final decisions are made. Comments from a highly regarded source. Regulators recognize that too many jobs are being created to get this wrong


    • Why on "HOLD" if you are selling your shares at these levels?