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  • bluvit74 bluvit74 Jan 22, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

    velti is range-bound

    O there is a game within the game that we all play in some way but when considering the big picture the herd continues to get slaughtered selling their long position on days like this when all hope fades .. they must feel lucky to have cut their losses and find an idiot to buy them. . After all that's chapter one in investing for dummies. Cut your losses ;) ..

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    • understood. i am not interested in the game within a game so much. i am more interested in what changes will come about with some new leadership involved.

      interestingly enough, moukas and ross have something in common. both of their prior businesses were bought by SAP (moukas as founder of frictionless commerce and ross as cfo of sybase). i think that this fraternity that they share is indicative of the secondary goal of grooming the company for possible acquisition (obviously the primary goal is software as service and mobile marketing/advertising). however, unlike other posters here, i imagine the suitor to be a "business services" company, not an internet company. i don't think an SAP would be interested in a velti, but i could see, maybe, an ibm seeking to acquire a company like velti as part of its "smarter marketing" business line.

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      • Interesting . . that would make sense because I can see the benefit a firm like IBM would "acquire" by taking on VELT. Just to run their "in house" advertising!! ..can you imagine ??. .where as a company like FB ,YHOO .. etc "should" already be very well invested from an R&D standpoint in VELT's type of technology. IBM could buy them at breakfast and forget about it by lunch at this market cap . .and just start "multi-screen advertising" all their own products. Can you send an email to Ms. Rometty for us ? .. ;)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Instead of IBM, I'm thinking Microsoft is the more likely one. It was said that Microsoft is looking to be raising a mobile army. And Microsoft have done business with Velti in the past. 2 recent exec hires from Microsoft.... plus Windows 8 and Windows phone coming into the market, they are much directing their business into mobile rather than IBM is.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy