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  • Said what had to be said. Have more trust in the company now than before. Of course, their income will fall. What would you expect when you shutter money losing contracts. It will increase the value of the company as a whole. Would you be interested in a company with so much money owed (receivables) on the books? We will start to see a greater ROI. I'll be adding to my position. Have faith or move on. It really is that simple. Just remember, you will never win at anything with a negative attitude.

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    • and the company needs to come out and issue a PR if it just changed guidance midway through the conference. Was sorta listening and I missed the exact comment he made. That is not how the company should handle such a situation. At this point I'm not even sure people are sure what he said.

      And we wanted a new CFO why?

    • income rises when a company shutters money losing contracts. If that was the case the stock should be soaring.

    • Agreed that we are better off a cash positive company pursuing profitable growth. NO argumnets.

      Completely disagree that yesterday was the best attempt to deliver the news. If you are going to say this, SAY IT.. don't hint.. and if you really mean it, tell the story and give us as investors reasons to believe

      a it will work
      b why you guys can execute it
      c why t wont take 24 months

      They failed the communication of the message, not the strategy itself in my POV.. if that is in fact what they were trying to do.

      Now the street is left to decide for themselves if they can deliver on the strategy and i would say the early market read is NO.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • I'm ignoring the share value today. Like another poster mentioned before, nothing has changed from Wednesday. Most of us purchased the stock because of our beleif in the mobile ad growth as a whole. This is a top tier company (not a fluke) that has fallen back and regrouped. We should be proud of what they are doing. I will sell when I deem they are moving in the wrong direction and will not sell on the streets opinion. I've been in the market for a very long time and the one thing I've learned is that the market is very corrupt and don't try to apply lodgic.