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  • aug1642 aug1642 Mar 12, 2013 9:08 PM Flag

    why are you wasting your time patting yourselves on the back or worrying

    spend your energy on where it's going.....why buy it? because there's a price for everything? it's so silly when i hear that, "why buy it"? Would you buyit at .50? Of course, so price is the reason. Yes, the news was disappoiinting, bad...lower revision, but the stock is also down 65% from a month or so ago. So if you think the co. trading at .5x sales is a buy, they don't have to be hitting targets...that's why it's 2.30 and not 8 dollars. Furthermore, the talk of bk is laughable....if they need to raise money, they could sell 6 or 7 million shares at 2 and voila - that's thee end of that with less than 10 percent dilution....imo, anything in the lows 2s is worth, at the very least, a 20 -40 percent