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  • jacktrade175 jacktrade175 Mar 15, 2013 12:08 AM Flag

    My problem is not panic selling but panic buying

    I Cant help myself when i see velt at 2$ per share. Knowing me, i probbably will buy a lot more if i see it go to 1.50. In the past sometime it work out sometime it not. It is very hard to get rid of old bad habbit.

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    • I think today will be a relatively safe time to buy once the last of the heavily margined retailers are liquidated by the margin clerks. The price could drop to the high $1.80s or stay around here but at least the swoon should abate after today. I don't see $1.50 unless the general markets tank after reaching bubble territory but I don't think that will happen till May. Hopefully, the cash issue is resolved by then, in which case the stock would recover to the $3s. I think the main reason for the fear induced fall was not missing of the estimates but the tight cash situation. But that will be resolved thru a secondary or unexpected success in collecting account receivables from the dead beats. There will be no BK.

      Those calling for the CEO's head have to calm down. He founded the company and had a hand in all their great products (some their own and some thru acquisitions). Where he erred was to take on new customers at any cost and his Greek roots clouded his judgement when getting involved with Greece and the Balkan territories with horrendous credit customers. He realized his mistake late last year and decided to change directions and hired Ross as well. Sure, the stock has taken a 80% beating due to his mistake but give him some credit in making ammends before it was too late (would have bankrupted the company if he didn't change course last year) and will be forgiven in due time when the stock returns to double digits next year.

    • me too! lol....this bs run down on my old buddy buffet the fear and sell the greed! With stock price at 0.4X sales even based on the lower part of the forecast we are cheap as hell! The revenue momentum that Velti has will get them back in black by summer time.

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      • Amen - keep the posts of reality going.
        Unfortunately - the analysts were burned and won't be throwing any bones to Velti until they see the Q2 obligations are handled. Which they will be.

        IF YOU ARE LONG:
        We need everyone to contact their brokerage firms and have their shares taken off the "loan list".
        If you own the stock there is a 1 in 3 chance YOUR shares were borrowed and are now short.
        It just takes a phone call --- do it today!
        Shorts can't short when there are no shares to loan.