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  • bullinvestor2003 bullinvestor2003 Mar 15, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS in REVENUES, notice paid bashers have started to disappear slowly now that

    Notice all the paid bashers have slowly started disappearing after they got their agenda achieved by creating a havoc of panic. Fear caused price declines as weak hands shook out and those on margins from $5 - $10 got forced liquadations. I had suspected it to happen and most strongest investors even got nervous and put stop loss at $2 which will the ultimate goal of this bear raid. Shorts successfully started covering and who knows now the same players might be on the other side of the trade meaning still covering or going long as they knew they caused unwarranted excessive drop.
    It was painful and is still for longs from $4 to $14 but if you have patience slowly this stock will be not just back to the those levels but higher than ever in future. Glad I did not hit that panic button as I firmly believe in the future of this company that generates over QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS in revenues.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy