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  • fliao1.geo fliao1.geo Mar 18, 2013 11:48 PM Flag

    You folks are not getting the point

    1) Ross is not causing the drop in pps.
    2) time lag in payment is not the problem.
    There is a fundamental shift in how the company is viewed. Before Ross, before sales of "weak" markets the co was trading way above the current price. Go to the 5 year graph and see for yourself. The market isnt lowering the price based on what's the CFO has done, but discounting what the co is going to do in the future. Read between the lines... The market doesn't think this co will succeed anytime soon. Where are they getting their business from? Who's going with them over players like goog, Facebook, msft, apple,etc.. Do you think velt "innovations" in technology are that superior? If goog wanted to play this space, velt would disappear in 2 months.
    As a matter of fact how do you knw this process hasn't started yet?

    Look at mm, they are faced with the same problem. 50% growth year over year? That could be gone in one quarter. These companies are TOTALLY replaceable. In my mind this co is worthless.

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    • buushit

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • True - Ross is not the reason.
      But you have #2 and the rest screwed up.
      You need to reread and get real.
      The space Velti is in is in hyper-growth mode. Velti could have kept growing with that hyper growth pace but would have to sacrifice the future for irresponsible growth in short term.

      The fundamental decision was to walk on the more conservative side and build a company that focus' on cash generation creating a reason for another company to want to buy them at a premium to market. Your comment on "low tech" is asinine at best and shows how little you understand about the space.

    • Companies don't just disappear overnight. It's not how it works. This C has enough saturation and if what your saying were true, there would only be 200 C's on the NYSE. Businesses PREFER to use smaller more understandable, less bureaucratic, focused advertising platforms. Please explain to us why this C continues to see sequential growth (sure its margins are #$%$ right now), but a C that could get destroyed over-night should not be seeing such massive R growth qtr after qtr...

    • Interesting, so in your opinion, any company that doesn't have a monopoly is replaceable. Big thumbs down on your post