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  • cooldoggie4 cooldoggie4 Mar 19, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    I kept buying all the way down

    Im going to make it big in 12-18 months or go down in flames lol (I always wanted to own my own island LOL)

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    • You will be laughing your balls out of your pants coming christmas...investing in your own christmas gift..brilliant!

    • Flames it will be. The imminent market crash and economic collapse will take out Velt quickly. It's just inevitable. Like being on death row waiting 12-18 months for the governor to call thinking for sure that he will, but of course will never call. Get out of the market altogether with what you still have, this is the grand finale bubble and it's gonna burst big time soon.

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      • Unfortunately you're right, the question is, are people resourceful enough to keep businesses like these competitive. We all know that every month we get closer to the inevitable. Borrowing from future prosperity to fund the presidents "success" is one of the biggest shams to ever happen to this country. If you look at the last 3 market sell offs, they have recovered slower than the previous. This one is sustaining right now, because the shock of 2008 was that bad. The majority of the population is making less, borrowing more and living the same as they have the last 15 years.

        On top of that, the bill of rights is almost irrelevant at this point and when you attack freedom, you attack the catalyst that makes a capitalist system work. Europe is only a few years away from our shores. The government is the one that CREATES these "crisis" and its mend is to introduce MORE government.

        It's best to play the market safe, don't borrow on margin, invest short term and set your large holdings to a stop loss position.

        Hope to hell, that Americans wake the freak up and are ingenuative enough to see through this globalist utopian state they are desperately trying to establish. Buy ammo, store food and win this battle by waking up all that you know!

        VELT should be find pending if there is a huge market sell-off or not.

      • He who laughs last laughs best LOL LOL LOL LOL LOl LOL LOL see you in 18 months or sooner at 14.00 oh by the way IMHO