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  • edharris758 edharris758 Apr 21, 2013 2:36 AM Flag

    differences between Velt and MM,marchex,motricity(volari),augme,etc?

    can someone who is more knowledgable with the interwebs and technology explain what in particular sets Velti apart from the rest? its hard to do your DD to have a list of differences when you can almost walk out your backdoor and read any one of these companies calling themselves "global leader in marketing yada yada." i tried to scour these threads too but found nothing to answer this

    thank you in advance

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    • Ed: I tried more than once to elicit an answer both from IR and Wilson Cheung (the ill-fated predecessor of Ross) on what distinguishes mGage from the pack, but neither could do more than more than point me to mostly uninformative videos.

      The best I can come up with is that mGage combines the loyalty approach with data-mining to target specific customers in specific situations (Velti does have one very interesting and convincing video on this, and it is posted to youtube), hence is more likely to succeed (ie. produce revenue and profit) than less-targeted MA (mobile advertizing).

      Since (according to recent cc's) 75% of Velti's revenue comes from MM (mobile marketing) and most of the rest from the more traditional approaches of SMS and just pumping out ads, this might well distinguish them from Millennial and HipCricket in a way attractive to long-term investors. On the other hand, HipCricket is also supposed to have an awesome product, though I could use a primer on that too.

      In summary, a full answer to your question SEEMS to be propietary info, and maybe you just have to be a Velti customer really to be able to grasp it all. Why that should be, I cannot say, and it is yet another disquieting thing about investing in VELT.

    • Hello Ed,
      You ask an interesting question, one that would behoove most of the uninformed longs on this thread to find answers to. Try this: the mobile marketing landscape today is a dynamic sector, comprised of three primary core areas/services. They are:
      1. Mobile Marketing: What is this? This is the typical headline used to describe SMS commercial marketing activity. SMS is “standard rate short message service” – or text messages. This would likely include MMS, NFC, QR Code and other like services. This is Velti’s legacy business.
      2. Mobile App: What is this? This is the service set comprised of creating “mobile applications” (for primarily smart phones) and which includes connectivity to deliver “in-application advertising.” Velti both creates app’s, and uses networks to serve in-app ads.
      3. Mobile Advertising: What is this? A mobile ad platform serves ads to consumers by enlisting publishers (mobile websites) for destination, and then delivers appropriate ads (often targeted behaviorally, or geographically, or demographically, or etc.) to consumers. Velti has a new platform which enhances their previous capabilities to deliver this service. Additionally, Velti offers some automation solutions which make it easy to produce mobile ads in the correct sizes for proper delivery.
      Each of these three areas has unique competitive circumstances, and growth prospects. It would be wise to study and analyze each of these three sectors in detail, and develop SWOT, 3 C’s, 4 P’s situation analyses for each.
      Beyond this, the large question associated with this sector seems to be go like this: is this activity a “service” or is it a “proprietary technology solution?” There are differing views. It should be quite clear that Velti does not offer high value marketing services advisory, such as Accenture might. Nor do they provide the high value communication strategy work that BBDO delivers. More later.

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      • so needless to say, you both are bearish on the state of mobile marketing. i understand they are attempting to classify their services as a "need" versus a "want" if you catch my drift. people are slow to change, but who knows what the future holds. it seems the market is flooded with mobile marketing companies, many of which are private like Jumptap. what happens when that IPO's, you know?