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  • edharris758 edharris758 Apr 21, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    Is there an actual list of Velti clientele?

    Just wondering. I know its been said of Vodafone, Ford, Orange, Portugal Telecom, Subway...

    Anyone have a visual list providing clients? I know Velti and BlueKai have stated half of worlds telecom use them or 12 of top 30 (or 50) fortune 500's? can anyone confirm this?

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    • Velti has 1300+ global corporate customers with 91% retention rate and 4000+ campaigns just in 2011

      Customers to name a few - eBay, Ford, Subway, Verizon, Vodaphone, T-Mobile, Starbucks, Macys, Armani Exchange, IBM, Coca Cola, Sony, Disney, Shell, HP, Unilever, Microsoft, CBS, Reebok, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, Clinique, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Dell, Intel, Levis, Nokia, MTV, Honda, Citibank, McDonalds, Airtel, Google, Time, CNN, Crocs, Dominos Pizza, Lenovo, JC Penney, Hyndai, Toyota, Bayer, Kellogs, BBC, Skype, Colgate, AT&T, Oracle, GM, Adidas, Canon, Chevrolet, Alibaba, Claro Brazil and hundreds of more. (Source Velti presentation)
      Above does not include new clients that have been signed recently including new ones coming from BlueKai has claims to have 12 of the Fortune 30 as its clients.

      $14.5 billion mobile marketing and advertising spending by 2014 with 6+ billion just mobile phone now worldwide with other handheld devices like Tablets, iPads add to this huge opportunity. More smart phone users daily exploding the opportunity for Velti.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • VELT will possibly add 12 of FORTUNE 30 companies from its recent partnership with BlueKai

      • im wondering why on this list, MM is also showing these clients (some of them)

      • Bullinvestor,
        your postings are wonderful. But I have lost so much money. When I bought 25,000 shares at $5.50, I was stopped out by my brokerage firm on a margin call at $3.50. Took a beating. I then bought back 10,000 shares at $2.75 and lost those shares on friday at $1.60. So I lost big time.

        I ask you what is the company worth? 100Million, 200Million etc? and to whom?
        and then divide that dollar amount by say 100 million shares outstanding (once dilutions are finished and options are exercised) and that leaves a price of maybe $5 to $7. But sell to who? and what would make this company worth 500 million to 700 million?

        IMHO, the only folks that will make millions are the short sellers who collapsed the stock price with their selling programs, and the unknown institutions that just bought cheap shares at $1.50 (as I see them doubling their money). Who loses, shareholders who were diced and skinned alive.

        I do like your postings. But it looks terrible here at the bottom. And I have to say, I am too scared to buy any shares again at any price after what I have gone thru.