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  • edharris758 edharris758 May 12, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    paralyzed by indecision...

    Anyone else feel this way? Whether to sell tomorrow or hold on? I can understand the technicality of a double bottom retest. i can understand Velt trading LOWER than the secondary. but why should i be scared? Whether you bought las vegas sands at 2.75 or 5.25 a few years ago matters little now right? Having bought BAC at 5 or 6.3 matters little. having bought ford at 1.8 or 4.2 matters little. each case requires patience of several quarters to shake out the shorts and get company on sure footing. in 5 years will it matter you paid 1.4 or 2.4 for velt? Probably not. plus, you have to be in it to win it. that includes buyouts. i guess i just made myself a case to hang tight. ill go down with this ship, and only when my account shows zeroes then i know i made a bad choice.

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    • Traded this stock successfully three times in the past year or so and sold last week over $2 for a pretty large loss. Layoffs are never a good sign if business is picking up. The people who just bought the stock at $1.50 are filing to sell to make a quick buck and are not long term holders. The recent filings are scary.

      IMHO....But....This stock is a far better buy at $4 then it is $2.

    • you also have to be in it to lose it. This stock is a psychological nightmare. we shall see how it goes today, but I am not optimistic.

    • Dude you need to get your head checked if you compare velt to BAC\LVS.

      Velt need to compared to all the IPO busts after 2001 which had great cash but no business.
      Problem with Velt is it has no cash and management is issuing shares like Toilet Paper.

      Even if they make it they will have 180million in marketcap + 50 million in debt making them fairly valued.

      I am not asking you to buy or sell but dont get too hyped up like the bullidiot.
      This is a microcap company in an unproven space so be careful.

      I got my #$%$ handed out to me here so I am angry but dont listen only to these cool aid drinkers on this board.

    • To me the top factor is the shorts have not been wrong yet, 20 to 1, so we know why they are still here. I'm holding too, with the hope that guidance has a ray of hope, which could start major covering and a nice runup.

    • On that note there were several that were in a mess at some point but few qtrs or yrs later they all have done great. You did mention a few companies, I will add few more to your list which are companies that have seen their stock recover or rise anywhere from 100% to 2000% from their turmoil days.

      I am not selling as any weakness should be seen as great buying opportunity. Lots of cost cutting measures will bring fiscal discipline. CFO is focusing on high growth markets with high margin contracts. Much needed excess job eliminations happening lining up the company with sharp vision.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The market wants you to feel paralyzed. Don't get emotional.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Need to also remember....the best