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  • boogyman67412 boogyman67412 May 22, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

    Strange how the 'Seeking Alpo'


    Boys and girls are no longer sharing all their wisdom when the chips are down about the Velti. Perhaps that is a very good sign that maybe better times lie ahead.

    Where in the world is 'crimsontide', 'stitchntime', 'oldpapa', et al? Some of the people that actually made some sense here. Maybe all sold out, which would be very understanding, but still miss some of the observations and vantage points.

    If Mr Ross/Ms Baker can demonstrate their most meaningful skills, this ship may be able to pursue a more 'Northerly' course this year, at least i would hope for all. Add on the guys from MSFT and the gal from Yahoo.

    Mr Moukas, for all his failings and more failings, somehow attracted some top notch personnel to help, if possible, to get his ailing creation a second chance at stardom..

    I remain guardedly optimistic thru these chaotic times at 'Velti PLc'

    In mutual 'greed' with my fellow investors (more that three weeks qualifies for that) shall we carry on.

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