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  • padast1 padast1 May 24, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    Can VELT ever become profitable?

    I am not talking about FCF or EBITA. Just net income. Can they ever make money with their business model?

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    • watching this company downsize; closing office, owing so much money to HSBC makes me wonder how bad things really are

    • How is it that VELT and MM cant make any monies yet FB and other social networking and music sites can via mobile? Who are they using for their adverts? Themselves? How can they be better than the supposed leaders in the industry? Does that mean that they do not need MM or VELT to be profitable in the space? It sure seems that way since they are already profitable and these two clown shoes operations arent.

    • I went back and read the release when Ross was hired & this stuck out:

      THE ANALYSIS: Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes Ross will help burnish Velti's reputation on Wall Street. He also predicted Ross could eventually groom Velti for a possible sale to a company like Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Facebook Inc. or Apple Inc., which may be looking for more tools to sell advertising on smartphones and tablet computers.

      One opinion is that VELT can make good money for longs (Lord knows they have for shorts!) without showing big profits. I made good money over a decade ago playing Invision, mainly buying at 6 and selling at
      9, and they never made much profit but they were in a sector that the market finally recognized - airport security. GE bought them at 50 as awareness of the value of the sector grew, and I see that same type potential for VELT.

    • That's the $2 == $10 question, no matter how many people thumbs-down your post!

      So far none of them, be it Velti, Millennial or HipCricket (now Augme), or any of the Euro ones, have made a single cent. We should know within a year.

      On the other hand, making real money (real GAAP profits, as you say) ain't holding CRM or LNKD or even AMZN back.