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  • wishing4globalpeace wishing4globalpeace May 31, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    FNMA went up from $1.30 this morning to high of $2.30 within a day while this P O S is dead

    Even other junk like FNMA swings 50% in a day while this garbage doesn't even move 20 cents a day for months. What a trash this company is under loser mgmt

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    • (shrug) Its all in the technicals. FNMA is a short now. I made $6.539 on FNMA's jump on tuesday morning. It popped up on the hot stocks in premarket list I check in the morning. I checked for the signals I needed to see to know it would be a big one. And now technicals signals show its a dump (in the same day it topped out). Velt had its day back in january. Made money off of its jump from 3.85 to $4.75 in one day too. I Told everybody exactly when they should've sold VELT before it would drop exactly to where it is now too (check my past posts)

      The few smart listened and the dumm13s lost all that money that I told them they would.

      FNMA technically is heading right to where VELT is right now. Its all about timing. That's all. If you know how to read charts like I do you would know exactly when's the TIME to jump and when's the time TIME to dump.

      But FNMA is on a channel up for the month and year so once it hits extreme oversold it will probably rise back up. Like I said 4 or 5 months ago, VELT, if and when it rises, wont start heading back to $5 until after summer or fall this year. It's not going anywhwere that much higher ANYTIME SOON.

      (shurg) It's all in the technicals. Just have to know how to read them right to know exactly what and when to do it. And no it's not easy. Took me a minute to be able to get the exact right read every single time.