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  • edgarhansen1982 edgarhansen1982 Jul 4, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    a bull to bear case for Velti, cant believe people are still investing in this!

    As a former brief shareholder of Velti and seeing the writing on the wall, i have kept up from the sidelines here and there on Velti to present day operations. my long winded take...

    1. Mobclix. this company still is not and will not pay their developers unless pushed to the edge. people not only are forming class action suits but also debt collection services are being utilized. a few people have stated "their phones are shut off [from returning calls] so their assumption is vishal and krishna know this ship is broke. even if there is a bull case to be made about mobclix, its reputation is very tarnished and most devs have left for good (or mobclix closes their account after being paid). 2. check out vishal (cto) or krishna (cmo) twitter accounts. vishal brags about not tipping at some restaurant and takes a picture of the bill and krishna has pictures of himself drinking and partying. very unprofessional. its a dog and pony show with kids at the helm folks. 2. dso's. still above 300 days despite divestures from garbage regions. need i say more? how can velti pay bills or debt if they themselves arent getting paid? :::: 3. adding 50 million shares to the float despite not needing to dilute shareholders and further. why would they do this? for shareholders health? oh wait, for more lousy aquisitions like CASEE? or for insiders to add to their vested stakes through dilution? why do you think the cofounder left velti folks? ;;;;;; 4. glassdoor. even since april, when things are supposed to be changing for the better, people working there have absolutely nothing positive to say. go ahead and use the argument they are former disgruntled ppls....

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    • You are wasting your energy trying to get in a little cheaper. Just buy right here and ride it up to $2.

    • At least i gave everyone advance warning on mobclix stuff. they pay the squeeky wheels with other wheels then those wheels become squeeky and the pattern continues while mobclix team lines their ashy pockets. and thats just the tip of the iceberg!

    • Edgar, you were spot on....shame none would listen until they $ go poof!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Edgar you are just not a brief shareholder but u gout ur #$%$ kicked both in the long end and short end.

      U bought in @ 1.95 sold @ 1.55.
      Shorted @ 1.55 we dont know where you covered.

      U have posted nothing except some interesting personal tidbits from Vishal\Krishna.

      How about following vishal\Krishna to their homes and let us know more personal juicy details.

      Only reason this sold off is when they announced they needed second raise all other reasons are useless.

    • You're right about everything. Your fundemental analysis of the company is actually pretty accurate but you forgot one thing.

      My cost basis is 1.54 per share. All I need is for Velt to not go bankrupt and I'll make money. I keep selling 2.50 calls every month and lowering my basis more and more until it pops and I get called away for a nice 100% profit.

      I love when people short this stock. I get to buy more and more at cheaper prices. I can't wait until days to cover are at 20+.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You are an obvious short and your take is worth the consideration one would give a dead bug. The bug would have more credibility here than you and its corpse would be less obvious than your intentions.

    • 5 fraudulent youtube video. cto Vishal has a video called marketers wet dream. this thing has comment after comment from bots spamming it with likes and "great video" etc al. Video has 937k views but has stayed there for last day despite what should be an accelerated view chart. vishals twitter mentions him wanting a million views.
      6. Stock has no base. everyone in velti is underwater unless you bought your first batch at 1.26. Stock is completely broken as is the business model. there are far better investments out there.
      7. Lack of transparency. with over 1500 clients and 270 million in revenue despite tmobile accounting for 10% of that, there seems to be way to much variation in contract prices. and they dont even talk numbers to get an idea of revenue growth to keep you guessing. this year wont show any growth anyways so this doesnt matter.

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