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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Aug 7, 2013 9:34 PM Flag

    The short play is whinding up nicely

    This stock is only here from a technical perspective...the shorts are still pushing hard to drive it down but they are playing a dangerous game. IMO you will see covering start to take place couple days prior to earnings news. They wouldn't dare hold through that one.

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    • hell I am long the stock and HOPING lol but you the shorts called this one. I will ride it to 0. I was just wondering about the new business can they put that in guidance? I didn't because they didn't have past rev but that might be rookie mistake.

    • Same here. I am holding 414k shares at avg 1.04. ( I bought too early!) The daily si has gone up for two days,which is why it dropped. However, the shorts are still facing the same issue: no volume. They can't wash out enough shares from the retails. Yes, the shorts are scared too, and time is running out.

    • well said - a stock down over 95% with very shaky financials that has just had a national news piece noting they have stopped paying their bills - man those shorts are scared!

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      • If the stock goes down it is almost always assigned to shorts- but the thing is that along short its also the longs who are simply getting rid of this company. If Velt is a global leader in mobile ad space, how come it went down from 20 to 1? Clearly they are doing something wrong, very wrong. Why would anyone buy a company that has no means of refinancing left (apart from dilution), officialy it is known for not paying properly to the developers, has mediocre management and is not generating profit? I know it is very hard to admitt the losses and get out of the position, but clearly this company is a plain disaster. Will it pop after or before earnings? Maybe yes, maybe it will even double. but the same odds are in LA when you play roulette. I wish I could say good luck longs, but I am afraid here not even luck can do anything.