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  • betasplen1 betasplen1 Sep 3, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    Whether myth or real

    It doesn't hurt to lock your shares from being lent for shorting. All my shares in 3 different accounts have GTC sell orders at $1 to lock them. For those doubting my confidence in the stock with only a $1 limit, I shall re-visit those orders as we get near there and on what news. Reg SHO and brokers requesting for shares sound good for starters. But I rather see something more news worthy like a credible buyout rumor or the CEO getting ousted. All decent upticks have been on volume surges while the pullbacks have been on modest volume lately. But it's beyond me to get excited about these penny moves. Let's see some nickles and I will stop yawning. Dimes and then we are talking 'kaboom style' excitement - well..maybe not that much :).

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    • It is a myth in margin accounts.

      If you convert to a cash account they cannot borrow shares.

      Plus short interest is not as high as you speak about 17million on 90million count just under 20%.

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      • OK. 2 are cash accounts and 1 is margin but like i said before, it doesn't hurt. The short interest is 17.9M shares as of Aug 15 and the float is 74M. That makes it 24% on the surface, which in itself is a huge position. However, you need to take into account naked shorting, which I am quite sure happened on Aug 21 and shortly thereafter. A 50% intra-day drop after a 35% gap down sure smells of naked shorting as part of the reason. How many shares? I am not privy to that. The other thing to remember is free float (available to retail) vs float. With a large percentage locked by insiders, the few brave institutions left and longs like myself, the free float could be only 65-70% of the float. Taking into account the above, the % of short holdings could be a lot more than 24%.

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