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  • edharris758 edharris758 Sep 4, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Too late to ask, but can anyone versed w Velti products say if they are superior?

    In comparison to say MM, Opera, etc? We know Mobclix didnt work out too hot, nor did Velti Media. But what Velti does have, are they the best of breed product? I know its a basic question but not being a tech whiz, i have no idea. For example, can Toyota get the same results from MM?

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    • Hi there, Ed.

      I think I've answered a similar question before.

      VELT does a bunch of stuff in mobile: ads, sms/mms marketing, payment, app/in app ads. BUT, their legacy business and history is in sms/mms. This is essentially commercial level text messaging for brand/service marketers, and by itself, this sector has a whole bunch of sub-specialties. Europe was a big early adopter of commercial sms. Clturally, Europeans are much more attuned to receiving and dealing with sms from commercial organizations; North America - much less so.

      My view is that all this is a tough sale - and this contributes to the significant DSO issue (even outside of Greece/Cyprus). Essentially, to get this program moving, there's trial periods, some paid, some not.. There's pay on performance, there's starting discounts, etc. By the time this is done, there's no revenue.

      IMO, the business is essentially mis-cast. To make his go, it needed a large advisory component which could generate rev's alongside the low margin tech sale. They don;t that.

      Jumptap/MM are different - their legacy is in mobile ads. That's not a cakewalk, it is margin challenged, but it is really growing. You need to dissect what is meant by "mobile marketing" - it actually means many things.

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      • Hmm so what i gather is the business is pretty limited scope and almost worthless in terms of what they offer. i kinda am in this for the mere fact i still think i can escape this trade by a year from now with all my money. but deep down i made the worst mistake of my life getting involved in this company. had they collected their revs, that would be a different story, but having not, theres a whole lotta bad comin down the pipe cuz of this but i think once the mess is sorted and they can show some small profit even tho the company is 1/3 its original size, there has to be value beyond 1.61 a share. time will tell. but for now im held hostage