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  • edgarhansen1982 edgarhansen1982 Sep 18, 2013 9:13 AM Flag

    The more one reads,...

    the less sense the company is,does ,has done and everything around it makes.Mark this post.THIS IS NOT A REORGANIZATION. AS IT STANDS NOW IMO THE COMPANY WILL BE GONE(ADIOS) and in not that long of a time..They want to end and bury this thing real quick.For all we know the co could file the 2q numbers tomm.imo this thing is a cluster f.WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FINAL OUTCOME WILL BE? 

    Note: this was pulled from ECTY msg board, but i felt urged to say it here since it applied! Happy trading today!

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    • Edgar, your insight was meaningful when this was trading at $1.50 and maybe even at $1. But now you spread false rumors such as 'confirming' that VELT lost the Toyota contract and justifying your BK stance by quoting posts from message boards of BK companies like ECTY - everyone and their brother knew they were going BK when they warned. What's next up your sleeve? Searching for shareholder quotes from Enron and Worldcom? The effort you put in here for a paltry 25K short shares, that are already well in the money, is commendable at 35 cents but enough is enough really. Tell me how they will file bankruptcy with $25M in cash, forward FCF of -3M/quarter at worst, positive FCF as early as 4Q13, HSBC lending more money and hence not looking for receivership, $80M in expense reduction, Ross/Mary (not Moukas) still hanging on at the company and touting profitable/+ FCF 2014 in the face of lawsuits already alleging them for misguiding shareholders, all customers from 1Q13 paying within 100 days and from what we see with Facebook/Google in terms of the potential of Mobile marketing, how are they going BK in the next 6 or even 12 months? I'd like to hear that - apart from regurgitating what has happened from 4Q12 to 2Q13. I am all ears....

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      • My experience is that it takes far more time to restore calm than it does to induce panic.

        VELT (the stock) has lost over 95% of its value over the past year. VELT (the company) is far better manged today under Ross and Baker than it was one year ago. At some point, the market will notice the huge disconnect between the decline of VELT's shareprice and the intrinsic value of the company. Until that happens, VELT is an incredible value. VELT will reward patient investors..

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • i thought you were going to shut up as per your promise, no?

      Edgar, and the rest of you bashers/shorts/longs/whatever. Sometimes you have to look past the 6 inches in front of your nose to see what is happening in life. In this case, here is a company in an emerging market that once, if not still, held the title of largest in their small mobile ad industry. Sure, they had obvious incompetence in the executive branch and that has cost a lot of people a lot of money.

      However, DO NOT lose sight of the fact that until the day actually arrives and makes this company dissolve to nothing, there is more potential for turnaround due to the emerging market they reside in versus potential for failure.

      This message board is nothing more than a venting sound board as opposed to an informative discussion board. It's pathetic and you dear, Edgar-whatever-the-f&*^-your-name-is, are the leader of the sad pathetic party.

      Just shut your hole and wait and see.

      'nuff said