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  • kramersize kramersize Aug 18, 2004 4:31 AM Flag

    new lows

    time to buy yes. you say somtin bout class b shares unlocking thats why stock is cheap prob so they cant get as much for them thats smart price maneuvuring. then they are frustrated sell then wow son of gun price goes up yup mmmm hmmm.

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    • Maybe even smarter price maneuvering than you think when you factor in that people HAVE to sell. The JCU has set dates that loans must be paid off.
      Frustrated? HELL YES
      Some of you guys talk like this is just another purchase. Alot of us own this crap cause we were not offered a pension and the 401k is the worst on the planet.
      I've been considering borrowing from my 401k to pay the remainder of the JCU loan and just leave this stock sit. The loan against my 401k would be at Prime which means I would be my own best performing investment in that portfolio. Sad but true
      Observation- Have you noticed several WI companies have recently rescinded their Company match in their employee 401k's ?
      Steve Smith flirted with that idea last year. Now he has a base to work off this year.
      Question - If we eventually get bought, do we have to go through any kinda lock-up B.S again?

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      • There is no lockup if JRN is sold. That is only in IPO's to create a stable entry into the stock market.

        A side note on people wondering if IPO lockups are legal. Yes they are. YOu should have read the initial red lettered prospectus. There was a way you could have opted out of the IPO if you wanted, and negotiated the price for your stock. Nobody went through the process. NObody, as it was a lot of work and even at the IPO price you when you added in the special dividend, you made 11 percent above the current stock price at that time.

        If there had been no lockup right at the beginning of the IPO none of the big investment houses or investors would have wanted in, as the price swings would have been too wild and unpredictable. Its just how most IPOs do it.

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