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  • benjigumm benjigumm Feb 18, 2005 2:33 PM Flag

    The truth is...

    this company has been making the right, tough decisions to stay competitive and provide future growth. Shareholders have benefited enormously. And retirees' benefits are still in place. And unlike former regimes, Smith and crew aren't afraid to make decisions. "Pops" and others take note: your days of entitlement are over and have contributed to your unrealistic views of what free enterprise is all about. No one owes you anything. Get a life and stop stalking this board!! It's time to drop the personal crap and have some substantive discussion.

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    • 17 is when I got promoted at the Journal. I see why you are so sour now. I looked back at the message boards, and it looks like you bought more stock when it was low. And now it is not meeting up to your expectations. Things do not happen overnight. My grandpa bought IBM at $15 a share a long time ago. Now, it is through the roof.

    • Yep you tell him KID.This morning you were 17 now your 18 Close to 19 .What the heck.If you keep aging that fast your new name will be FAST PHIL.Crash, Thank you for those kind words.About time you showed up. Been a interest day. LOL

    • You tell'em kid!! I wish I were as wise as you are when I was your age. In those days I blew my money on video games and loose women then squandered the rest.
      Hey "Man of Doom" is that what your wife calls you? Lighten up; if you don't own this stock then why post on this message board?
      By the way sorry pop, I don�t mind your messages. Dooms messages don't make sense, unless he has a beef with someone in management at the J. Wow! This message board got a lot of use today.

    • Ok kid give the old guy a break. I'm sure he wishes you the best of everything. Hell, when we were young we had the same hopes and dreams that you do. As for me personaly I was always an optimist. You have to be to have dreams. So let it go, not everyone shares the same opinions.

    • You sound like management to me. What do you think Pop? How can you say that shareholders have benefited enormously. Employees benefited before going public every period, but what about now? The company is making tough decisions, but not necessarily the right ones. Further more, just because you think that JRN puts out a better product than the Journal Times or Kenosha news doesn't make it so. Obviously there are 200,000 people out there who don't agree with you. So, take your management opinions and keep them where the sun doesn't shine.

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      • both you and "pops" spent way too many years sucking the teats of the old ma Journal. Boys, they took away the trough. Time to take youe own responsibility. Companies don't have to provide medical benefits or pensions. An employee or would-be employee can always make a choice. Likewise, companies have the right to modify or even stop retiree benefits, including medical.Those are business decisions and they all have consequences. Bet you guys voted for Howard Dean.

    • It is a good comapany. It puts out a good product. I see room for growth. Right now the Sunday draw for Racine county is about 10,000 papers. This area covers from everything east of the I-94 and all of Kenosha county. The population of those 2 put together at least 200,000. The Journal Setinel is ten times better than the Journal Times or Kenosha news.

    • The Truth is your a real JOKE.You have your opinion ,I have mine.As far as your opinion I personally dont care what it is.Now lets see you post something Constructive.There was just a discussion on the Tribune on CNBC.Guess what the Experts stated that Newspapers are a NO GROWTH Industry.They wouldnt invest their clients money in them.Is that constructive ENOUGH?? Maybe you better check again about Retiree benefits.Maybe you should read my post AGAIN.New employees will have NO RETIREE Benefits and NO HEALTH INSURANCE WHEN THEY RETIRE.I Never stated anyone owes me anything.Unless its UNDER a Law to cover me.So get your facts straight.

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