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  • fgorshen fgorshen Feb 21, 2005 12:03 PM Flag

    JRN Investing 101

    For Pops and others who demonstrate the need to know. Stock forums ( such as this one). Potential investors in companies utilize these forums to help them make a decision on whether to buy this stock or not. Your postings, which in many cases are inaccurate and largely negative, and may not be your honest intent, turn these people sour on this stock. Thereby your hurting your own chances of selling this stock at higher prices because you have contributed in turning away potential buyers.

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    • fgor,Those posts are the biggest bunch of Crap I ever heard of.For starters what INACCURCES?State some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As far as Management not buying stock because it might go UP.What are you in Dreamland?Its done all the time.Just like management selling stock.When its at a high.What did you and your new puppet friend, get together to post after each other?NEGATIVE,Whats there to be positive about.The stock will be at a Higher price when,the company is sold.

    • First, if somebody�s idea of DD (due diligence) is to read forums and base their investment decisions on that homework, they deserve everything they get!
      Secondly, as far as being negative, for current employees/B shareholders, there are plenty of reasons to feel that way. Seems a week doesn�t go by without SS creating another reason to be negative. Unless of course you have a 3 year rolling contract!
      Lastly, concerning inaccuracies, would you care to point them out? I read most of pop's post and find them to be on target, especially if you are a non management employee!!

    • If there are any inaccuracies I would hope that someone in the know would point them out and supply the correct information. As far as being negative about the stock, thats my opinion. If you feel otherwise than please post the positive aspects. That's what this board is for.

    • Amen! I'm looking forward to more postings from Mr.Gorshen.