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  • sunrisepop46 sunrisepop46 Jun 3, 2005 2:55 PM Flag


    Tuck and Crash,Please read my post 1075 and 1076.I cant believe more people arnt interest in these posts.It explains why they might be buying A Shares.See what you think.

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    • Check back in the string around the time of the MLK holiday. The weekend weather guy at Las Vegas gave a Martin Luther "coon" King holdiay forcast. The outrage would have been worse, but KTNV is such a joke, the community leaders just shook there heads and said how sorry they were over the stations ignorance.

    • Cash Customer,
      I confirmed the same thing....Kiel fired the Boise Television GM and promoted the Journal Radio GM to run both operations. The radio GM has never worked in television, so that should be interesting. The chief engineer walked on his own.
      The new GM works at televison two days a week and radio 3 days a week. The stations are 20 miles apart.
      Central casting makes allot of sense. Everything out of Vegas...maybe. Remember, they are both ABC affiliates, but in different time zones. Boise TV already central casts to Twin Falls (150 miles away).

      Looks like Prather will get more and more stations to screw up.

    • What kind of forecast???

    • Las Vegas just got rid of the TV GM and Chief Engineer in Boise. Radio has taken over both hats and has been told to combine operations.
      Idaho power is running a fiber line up to Boise's transmitter and will have it finished in a few months.

      Have been hearing rumors of Journal wanting to central cast.

      Wonder if the justification for the build out in Las Vegas is to satellite Boise and Palm Springs?

      Should be interesting to see the reaction in 3 states to another Martin Luther "coon" King weather forcast????

    • Does anybody else think they are using the new and better facility excuse, just to build VP Jim Prather bigger offices to match his title and ego?
      People beleive me, you don't need bigger, everything in electronics is getting digital and smaller and fits in 1/4 of the space analog equipment takes up.Put in a news/editing clip server and you eliminate all the old news edit rooms. Everybody sits at a PC and does editing. Shrinks all the space needed to do the same job.
      I think he just needs a new office with cherry paneling, where he can sit and figure out how to fire more news directors and continue the downward slide of that station, all the while throwing more good money after bad.

    • I agree that Vegas is a growth market; but again that property like many of JRN's properties,divisions and now top corporate leadership in Milwaukee too does not have a good management track record...and that was the situation in Vegas for years.

    • JRN bought the lot next door to KTNV, the Vegas station. The new building will be built while the existing facility is being used. So they are not constructing this new station in the parking lot. When complete, KTNV will be the most modern television plant of all the JRN properties.

      Probably a smart move in this growth market.

    • The land was sold 2 years ago.

      3.5 million if I recall.

    • Maybe Mike Gousha will apply? Where are these better candidates going to come from??

      I'm sure the local TV personalities know the story on channel 13's revolving door for news director's.

      Do you think the company is going to spend money to move candidates in from around the country to boost their ratings? Not in our lifetime!

    • Terry,

      Have you ever visited channel 13? What parking lot are you talking about? You need a can opener to move around the station and parking area today.

      Their parking lot is about 1/4 the size of the TV station building, if that! Maybe with the new state of the art equipment they will be able to operate out of a couple of semi- trailers! I think your oops was subliminaly correct!

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