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  • bladerobo bladerobo Feb 3, 2012 2:07 PM Flag


    I was a carrier back in late fifties and when journal bought the sentinel. I remember I had to take my change (silver) and convert to bills to pay my $22 weekly bill. That 22 dollars of silver is today worth $410. Had to wrk hard for that weekly profit of 5-7 dollars.

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    • don't want my laptop in the library with me during my morning constitutional. also don't want to put my laptop under opened 1 gallon paint cans. desire that tradition.

    • Do the Apps.for "JS everywhere" apply just to the Iphones or devices such as Ipads like Kindle? At least with electronic delivery, you won't have to worry about a wet newspaper.

    • Reminds me of a Bob Dylan song...Times They Are A-Changin.

      Delivery use to be between the doors, under the mat if the doors were locked or wedged between the porch railings. You had to be creative sometimes to place the paper somewhere for protection from the weather. Yep, always had someone say didn't I pay you last week. I did have somebody delinquent 4-weeks going on 5. I finally cornered them on a Saturday or Sunday night. Usually when they were late they always gave a nice tip from my experiences.

      This is probably before your time when tips were great when the weekly paper was 45-cents. Most people would give 2-quarters or half-dollar and say "keep the change". That's 11% tip not bad at that time.

    • This takes me way back in time it was tough duty during the winter though. I was a carrier too in the late 50's & early 60's. I had double duty as a carrier while also being an assistant station captain subbing inserts on Wed. & Sat nights. The trifecta came after the Journal bought the Sentinel. I was station captain for the Sentinel, assistant captain for the Journal and still had my carrier route.

      Young & in the dough!! Thanks for the memories.

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      • 2 of my brothers were captain and co-captain at the north journal shack in waukesha. used to help stuff sunday papers. we would sneak beers into the shack and it was a blast all night. sometimes, we'd take some ad bundles and toss them on the flat beds when the train came by. got busted by the circulation mgr when the flyers were blowing off the train when it passed the central shack where he was working. had a couple other scams too.

    • i was a carrier in the 60's. made out like a bandit (literally) when Radio Free Europe pass little envelopes thru the papers and the carriers picked up the cash envelopes. everyone made out from carriers to station captains to shack managers. they only did it once...

      well, election year. big spending by politicians and the parties + recall in all the media. earnings predictions for 2012 Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4?