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  • pizlam1 pizlam1 May 2, 2006 10:41 AM Flag

    Going up on no volume

    Wow... a $29 dollar stock gapping up $1 in the middle of the morning on no volume.... this stock is being inflated to sell to the novice... look at the 2 min chart and you will see.... it is being supported but no bought... which means that they want more sheep to buy in so that they can get out whith a higher price.....I also don't like the double top formed earlier the last two weeks... will watch.

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    • ???????????? what are you talkin' about??? 20 day avg / vol 442k. Today's vol. 986k Try again! Some NEVER learn! Just can't make this stuff up - too funny

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      • Wizard, the shorties are making up their lines. Their script writer must be an unemployed comedy writer, ROTFLOLWTIME!!!!!

      • sure... when you see a stock go up more than 5 percent in 10 minutes... you will have everyone and their grandmother buying the stock... that is sheep and day traders (ones that look for penny flips and will be in and out of a stock before you can blink your eyes). But when taking a closer look, you will see that it gapped up from $26.50 to $29.50 ( a whoppin $3 dollar gain on a less that thirty dollar stock) on around 100k shares (traded not bought... ie some were also selling after having gained a dollar or more).

        So what happened during that time? was it news? NO
        then what? Manipulated higher to attract sheep...hey look...this stock is going much higher...I'll bet it all on this one and be rich in 20 minutes...exit the pros...and to the shit hole we all go...

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