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  • bud_rolfs bud_rolfs Mar 6, 2014 10:34 PM Flag


    If you haven't completely followed along with the technical story line here, let's first set the stage:
    A. Back around August of 2013, CLIR shifted from a CONSOLIDATION to forming an UPTREND CHANNEL.
    B. Since the first step in forming an UPTREND CHANNEL is typically a FULL CHANNEL CORRECTION (and no one even knew there was a channel yet) no one was very excited by the August to November correction phase.
    C. The FULL CHANNEL CORRECTION technically ended on 12/13 with a RETEST of the UPPER TREND LINE of the CORRECTION SUB-CHANNEL (In which CLIR crossed the entire channel width forming its base.)
    D. Since there are ONLY 2 primary price moves in UPTREND CHANNELS (FULL CHANNEL CORRECTIONS & COMPLETE RUNS TO THE UPPER TREND LINE); it was then time for a HUGE UPWARD MOVE to that upper trend line for CLIR (to $12.49 on 12/24).
    E. After some brief zigging and zagging...CLIR did a FULL CHANNEL CORRECTION to the lower trend line of it's channel on February 21st.
    F. I posted back around the 27th (I believe) that it appeared that CLIR was setting up for what's called an ABC PATTERN that would shoot it higher to the $10.60 to $11.74 area (which would break it above the upper trend line of it's CORRECTION SUB-CHANNEL.
    G. It would then have to pull back briefly to RETEST that trend line and CONFIRM the end of the CORRECTION, but THAT would then begin ANOTHER COMPLETE RUN TO THE UPPER TREND LINE (and that would likely be $14+)
    RIGHT NOW...We are exactly ON the upper trend line of that correction sub_channel so we need to go a bit higher here, so we can then have room to pull back next week to do the retest...COMPRENDE?

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