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  • rjklynsma rjklynsma Aug 19, 2009 11:16 PM Flag


    One's We’ve Already Reached:

    1. Survival and Continued Operations:
    2. Continued Timely SEC Filings: DONE August 14, 2009
    3. Medico Express Approval by Medicare: DONE July 28, 2009
    4. Website: NICELY UPDATED week of August 10, 2009

    Events/Milestones to Watch For:

    From August 10, 2009 Press Release:
    “Dynamic Response Group is launching the Medico Express infomercial campaign today August 10, 2009. Initial media coverage will air on CNN Espanol, MEGA TV, Univision and Telefutura. The week-long test will be used to gauge the performance and general consumer response. Once DRG determines which spot provides peak response the company plans a national rollout with coverage throughout the 45 states where Medico Express is currently licensed.”

    5. Results of Medico Express’s Test Marketing: They didn’t say they would announce the results, but we should see the national rollout take place.

    From August 14, 2009 10Q (p.6)
    “The Company is presently in the final stages of negotiating with several institutions to secure financing for Medico Express and the Company’s operations.”

    6. Announcement that Financing Has Been Secured.

    From August 17, 2009 Press Release about Quarterly Results:
    “Generally the Company has started the process of rolling out several new and innovative products and expects to have finalized the funding for its subsidiary Medico Express and converting its debt to equity in coming weeks.”
    -- Aeropedic which we anticipate testing during 3rd Quarter '09.
    -- Gem Magic which we expect to test during 4th Quarter of '09.

    7. Announcement that Debt has been Converted to Equity

    8. Rollout of several new and innovative products (same as #8 and #9?).

    9. Results of Test Marketing of Aeropedic during 3rd Quarter

    10. Results of Test Marketing of GeMagic during 4th Quarter

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    • I've not looked at this post in a while....but it looks like numbers 5, 8 and 9 have been.

      I'll have to look over the recent press releases and identify a few more milestones.

      DRGZ is establishing a track record of consistancy that should in time increase their following and build confidence in long term investors.

      Go DRGZ.

    • I'm gonna have to make some changes... We've met some Milestones, haven't met some...and have added a couple more.

    • Another Milestone:

      In the press Release today

      "Dynamic Response Group is now hiring call center personnel for both English and Spanish speaking representatives to begin its national roll-out in coming weeks."

      11. Announcement concerning the National Rollout in coming weeks.

    • Well, DRGZ seems to making progress on the Milestones list I made up.

      "5. Results of Medico Express’s Test Marketing"

      In today's says they met or exceeded their expectations.

      "6. Announcement that Financing Has Been Secured."

      While we don't yet have the financing announced...we have heard that an investment banking agreement has been reached with Gemstone Securities. If you've not checked out their website it's at least worth a look:

      I think a financing announcement is in the works.



    • Some of you guys continue to grumble and complain about the past...but if you are still holding your investment, you're certainly not helping your situation or doing anything constructive.

      If at some point you become convinced DRGZ has a future, the stock price will probably have gone up and you will be able to recover your capital. BUT...others of us will be sitting pretty at that point. Maybe you should smell the coffee, get on board and average down. At least try to objectively evaluate the company from where it's at today and where they are hoping to go.

      If you discovered DRG for the first time today...what would you think? This is probably how most new/prospective investors will see DRG. Worth a bite? A watch? A wait and see what they next quarter or two will bring?

      I think so.

      • 1 Reply to rjklynsma
      • PRTL.OB never purchased. It was interesting to study at the time. They are drowning in their one debt like DRGZ is.

        Actually, I've had one of the best years ever, so far.

        The point being, really, DRGZ is very expensive at current price, because of the negative BS. I predict in will end up around .15.

        Basic investing 101 says it's close to bankruptcy & therefore almost worthless.

        I do this 12 hours a day for 5 days & I'm right most of the time.

        I do this as a hobby & for my own learning & reference, not to please other people.

        So far I've been right on DRGZ.

        I'm in cash now after massive gains & would be very careful in recommending any stock until the end of the year.

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