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  • philatboz philatboz Dec 1, 2009 1:55 PM Flag

    Way underpriced will sky rocket!!!!!!!!!!

    DRGZ will make acomeback and Bell and his well wishers will wish they joined us for the green that will befall all of us fans of this amzing brand.....

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    • Bell & his basher crew can short sell to infinity & not worry about fali to delivers. They do much more than bash. They illegally manipulate the prices. They short sell, then sacrifice small amounts to walk the price down. they ahve been getting away with this for years. They did this to AAC. I've complained to the SEC numerous times & it has fallen upon deaf ears. I do know there's somekind of relation to a Joel Alverson of Michigan. These are stock crooks, who get away with knocking stocks down way way below their values. I used to have a list od stocks they wrecked. I personally have given up on this corrupt mkt & would like to get my hands on them. There's no justice for retail investors. The SEC is completely useless.The SEC shouldn't receive paychecks.

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      • bellbell63 this is one of his aliases on the AAC board. They will use small quanity sacrifices (usually around 100 shares)they sell at bid or in fractions just above it. They will not let the stocks climb upward. It's 100% illegal manipulation, yet the SEC won't do anything about it. Meanwhile they go from stock to stock wrecking their prices. Alot of retail investors like myself have lost a bunch of money because of their illegal scams. Thieves like this are better off dead. There's no justice here.

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