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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 3, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

    Bottom line: NKE is a 5.00 joke posing as a 51.00 stock


    I'm always amused how AMATEUR BAGHOLDERS like you always live in a Land of wish to believe that a GENIUS technician like me is some kind of embittered former employee????? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    Well, please enjoy your DELUSIONS, I've never worked a day for NKE.....and so my brilliant evaluations have nothing to do with any "hate" for NKE. It's all about the NKE TECHNICALS, which are truly AWFUL, and god help the amateur boob who lacks some kind of short or PUT protection, as the sick stock continues to behave in the most UNIMPRESSIVE manner.

    Nor can you deny my brilliance....I warned of NKE WEAKNESS well before yesterday's CONFIRMATION, in which the pathetic stock totally IGNORED a 300 point rise in the DOW.

    Ladies, that is MASSIVELY BEARISH, and it doesn't take any genius to observe that FACT.

    Live and learn from your intellectual superiors, and LEARN!

    This topic is deleted.
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