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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 10, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    14,000 NKE JAN 52.50 call options destined to EXPIRE WORTHLESS soon


    Oh, my POOR sweet NKE BAGHOLDERS......

    How's that PHONY pump by Old Baldies of this DYING NKE stinker working for my sweet NKE SUCKERS and DUPES????

    God help the POOR NKE LAMEBRAINS who believed a single word of Old Baldie's infamously WRONG PUMPS of MEGABUBBLE stocks like this NKE donkey, and who failed to dump their WORTHLESS NKE calls. I strongly advise NKE LOSERS to emulate the PRO FUNDS, who are so OBVIOUSLY and HEAVILY SHORT, this NKE MEGABUBBLE now, via PUTS....WRITTEN calls...and stock SHORTS.

    Ladies, I tried WARNING you many times....this NKE stink has IGNORED ALL....repeat...ALL major DOW gains this year....and that happens to be MASSIVELY MASSIVELY BEARISH, and most stocks I've seen behave in that manner, have CRASHED in a wave of PANIC SELLING very soon thereafter!!!

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