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    SUPER SUPER BEARISH when the NO talent CEO is dumping stock. NO surprise to SMARTER market pros, and would be willing to bet the guy is also WRITING calls and BUYING PUTS in his sick stock too (if not directly, then via indirect proxy corps, maybe via Old Baldies "charitable" trust LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL (yeah, about as "charitable" as a Gestapo agent).

    Ladies, I am pounding the table, warning NKE BAGHOLDERS it now has THE WORST TECHNICALS I have ever seen in a major USA stock in my entire life......with ZERO chance of sustaining a stock price anywhere notably above 53.00 (its KEY SOLID RESISTANCE point) for the rest of the year...and a more likely price destination around $10-$12 per share (or LOWER!!), by the time Fall arrives this year....and if that seems "unrealistic," ladies, well, they laughed at me when that Molycorp garbage traded at 80 bucks and I predicted it would CRASH below 10 bucks in a single year (which it did!!).

    Ladies, when a stock does a totally irrational stock split, then FAILS completely thereafter, that is MASSIVELY MASSIVELY MASSIVELY BEARISH, to the nth degree. I can NOT remember the last time I saw stock do a two for one split, then DIVE into the toilet immediately thereafter.

    Aside from those TERRIBLE TECHNICALS, the sick stocks FUNDAMENTALS are equally ROTTEN, with the shoemaker now experiencing a TERRIBLE retail season. Add into the mix the REALITY that this idiot fad for wearing ghetto tennis shoes is DYING FAST....and there are NO positives of any kind for the stock doggie.

    Now, ladies, do you understand why Old Baldie, aka Cramer, the ultimate DISINFO slimester, is offering up one PHONY PUMP after another on this NKE BEAR market joke???? Just as the DISINFO king of bald boobs has done for DECADES concerning the USELESS golds and silvers???

    Ladies, when a sick stock IGNORES completely a 300 point jump in the DOW, that is THE MOST BEARISH phenomenon I have seen in my life....and god help the AMATEUR DUPES who have failed to obtain some kind of SHORT or in the money PUT position, as SMARTER pros are so obviously doing....and would increase PUT positions personally to the max, if could borrow even more $$$$ today.

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