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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 15, 2013 5:25 AM Flag

    More BAD news for NKE BAGHOLDERS = most of your JAN calls will be WIPED OUT soon!


    Why don't you discuss the absolutely ROTTEN performance of NKE stock since the start of 2013???

    FACT: it has FAILED to make gains during almost every single DOW rise this year....and it FAILED to rise following the unwarranted illogical share split (even though the majority of genuinely bullish stocks do so automatically)....and it has FAILED to rise despite many repeated (albeit PHONY) pumps coming from Old Baldie, Motley Dopes, and all the other wall street DISINFO artists.

    That FACT is MEGA MEGA MEGA BEARISH when a stock IGNORES all sharp gains in the DOW.....and when it IGNORES the normally positive reaction following a share split....and when it IGNORES repeated stock pumps coming from the usual gang of fund pumpster shills......and that proves this sick stock is ready to DIVE sharply at any moment.

    There is only one logical reason to explain such awful NKE share performance in the face of repeated stock pumps ......a share split......and a sharply rising DOW: it must mean the slimy funds are WRITING most of the ultimately WORTHLESS calls while the clueless amateur small specs are buying them.......and that means the funds MUST maintain a MARKET CAP (around 53 -54) on the NKE stock doggie, and they dare NOT allow the sick stock to break considerably above that CAP for any duration.

    As I've said before, ladies, this AINT rocket science, and you don't need any "special" wall street "advisers" to figure this stuff out.....all you need is an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY for what it is.

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